Warning: Toyota Hilux Trucks May Have Counterfeit Parts

While the Toyota Hilux is not currently available in the United States, it’s one of Toyota’s best-selling models in other parts of the world. It boasts the toughness, capabilities, and performance that truck enthusiasts have come to expect from Toyota. However, there is a cause for great concern for owners and prospective buyers of the Hilux. In Australia, authorities seized a shipment of counterfeit parts for the Hilux.

Australian Border Force seized an imported shipment of Toyota Hilux counterfeit parts

Brown 2021 Toyota Hlux driving on mountainous terrain
2021 Toyota Hilux | Toyota

A warning was issued for the Toyota Hilux after the Australian Border Force seized a massive quantity of imported counterfeit parts. The Hilux is one of the best-selling models in Australia, as it’s an excellent truck for traversing the challenging terrain in the large wilderness areas of the country. In recent years, counterfeit automotive parts have been a significant problem in Australia. 

The seized shipment consisted of suspension parts. This included strut spacers, which provide higher clearance when heading off-road by lifting the front suspension of the Hilux. It is not clear how the authorities discovered that the parts were fake. The shipment had Toyota packaging, and the parts had Hilux branding. 

Counterfeit parts make it dangerous to drive the Toyota Hilux

Blue 2021 Toyota Hilux towing a trailer
2021 Toyota Hilux | Toyota

The counterfeit warning is something that should be taken very seriously. This is because counterfeit parts could have a detrimental effect on the safety of the Hilux, making it very dangerous to drive. The biggest concern for the counterfeit suspension parts is how they impact the electronic stability system in the Hilux. The Hilux has a negative history of tipping over when swerving or abruptly changing direction. The counterfeit parts could exacerbate this problem.

Genuine Toyota parts face a thorough manufacturing and testing process. However, this is typically not the case for counterfeit parts. With this in mind, their quality, reliability, and safety cannot be trusted. Even more concerning is that no one knows for sure how many counterfeit shipments made it into Australia in the past. To be on the safe side, the best way for Hilux owners to deal with this problem is to purchase replacement parts from reputable Toyota dealerships.

Fake cars and parts are a significant problem 

In recent years, counterfeit cars and parts have been a considerable problem around the world. Examples of this are a fake Lamborghini, Jeep, Ford F-150, Toyota Land Cruiser, and VW Beetle. Blatant car rip-offs are an especially prevalent problem in China. 

As far as car parts, identifying fake ones is a more challenging endeavor. While fake cars are easy to spot, it’s tougher to catch counterfeit parts. This is another reason to be extra vigilant when getting replacement parts.

The Australian authorities didn’t mention the originating country of the seized shipment of Hilux parts. Toyota produces the Hilux in three countries: Japan, the Philippines, and Thailand. It’s unlikely that the fake parts came from Japan, for the country strongly regulates the automotive industry. 


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However, with minimal regulation, both the Philippines and Thailand face a fair share of problems with counterfeit products. Other than seizing the imported shipments, it’s a challenge for authorities in Australia and other countries to further enforce this problem.

The key lesson from all of this is to be cautious when you buy replacement parts. Also, if you’re a Hilux owner in Australia, it’s crucial that you heed the counterfeit parts warning and consult with your local Toyota dealer.