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The Honda Civic Type R has been one of the most revered compact cars in its class since it made its U.S. debut back in 2017. However, it wasn’t just the nameplate that got every Honda fanboy on the edge of his seat, it was the entire package. After all, it’s hard to deny a Civic with over 300 hp and enough suspension work to make a Lotus jealous. But it’s the heart of the matter, its engine, that’s the shining star. And now, you can buy a Honda Civic Type R crate engine complete with everything you need to make it work.

The Honda Civic Type R K20C1 engine comes “complete”

Honda recently announced that it will be offering a limited-edition Honda Civic Type R package that will be ready to install. The automaker offered the K20C1 crate engine back in 2017, however, it only included the long block, alternator, starter, and turbo, which is just the start of doing an engine swap. Now, Honda is offering a more complete setup that it calls the “Controls Package,” and includes a wiring harness, fuse box, an accelerator pedal, and an engine control unit (ECU) that is tuned by Honda Performance Development (HPD).

Honda Civic Type R Crate Engine Controls Package
Honda Civic Type R Crate Engine Controls Package | Honda

Why would anyone want a Honda Civic Type R crate engine?

The K20C1 engine is a turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine that puts out 306 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque, which will work well in just about any application that you can fit it in. As Autoblog noted, the Civic Type R crate engine was only offered to race teams or members of the Honda Racing Line program, but it’s now opening up availability to anyone that can afford it.

2021 Honda Civic Type R in blue shot from the rear
2021 Honda Civic Type R | Honda

What this means is that anyone looking to build a project car with a tried-and-true Civic Type R engine can now do so at their leisure. There are plenty of people that have already swapped the K20C1 engine into older Honda Civics, so the sky is the limit as to what you can do with it. The only downside you would still have to figure out how to mount the engine properly so that it works with whatever application that you plan to use it for. Fortunately, you can get technical support for your custom installation, according to Honda.

How much does the K20C1 crate engine cost?

The Controls Package will cost $9,000 and the engine alone is priced at $6,790. If you have the means to afford such an engine, then you better act fast because only 93 of them will be made. Also, this engine package will be for sale starting on May 1, 2021, so it’s a good year to build that Time Attack car that you have always wanted. And that’s another thing, the Civic Type R crate engine is intended for off-road use only since the HPD-tuned ECU is mapped for track use. So keep it off the streets, if you can.


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