Want to Be a Racecar Driver? Skip Barber and Honda Will Help You Succeed

If you’re into cars, then chances are that you have once wanted to become a race car driver. And why not? The thrill of driving a loud track-oriented car, with the racing harnesses holding you in as you hit every apex and lead your team to victory sounds like every car enthusiasts dream. But now, you can make that dream become a reality thanks to Skip Barber Racing School and Honda.

Honda Performance Development and Skip Barber will lead you to victory

The Skip Barber Racing School (SBRS) has been one of the premier schools in North America for the past 45 years, and to aid in its legacy of being the best, Honda Performance Development (HPD) has partnered up with it. Along with a new curriculum, Honda is bringing some heavy hitters to the track in the form of an HPD Civic Si and HPD Civic Type R TC race cars as part of the program. If you have attended the Skip Barber Racing School, or at least done a little research about it, then you would know that its lineup of cars typically includes a brigade of track-oriented Ford Mustangs.

“At SBRS, we are really excited to partner with HPD,” said Anthony DeMonte, CEO of the Skip Barber Racing School. “The rich and extensive racing history of both organizations will provide a superior experience for our performance driving program customers, and will offer racers the opportunity to compete on a high level in the SRO TC America series with our race team.”

With a mix of front- and rear-wheel-drive cars, we’re sure that the curriculum is very well-rounded. The racing programs at the Skip Barber Racing School currently allow students to obtain their racing permits to compete in the touring car series when they complete it.

HPD Civic Type R
HPD Civic Type R | Honda

You’re in good hands at the Skip Barber Racing School

The Skip Barber Racing School has been churning out top-tier racecar drivers for the past four decades. Founded in 1975, the SBRS has taught over 350,000 students including big names like Jeff Gordon, Juan Pablo Montoya, and Alexander Rossi. So whatever skill level you happen to be when you start the program, you know you’re learning from some of the best instructors.

The Skip Barber Racing School will use the HPD Civic Racecars during the program in order to help new drivers in obtaining their provisional racing license, while experienced drivers can use them to further hone their driving skills. Additionally, the race cars will be on hand for anyone looking to just casually complete a one-, two-, or three-day course so that they experience what it’s like to be behind the wheel for a race-oriented Honda Civic. While the HPD Civic Race cars are mostly in showroom stock form, they are outfitted with some “distinct modifications” to allow them to compete in competitions on a global scale.

According to Honda: “This partnership will be a great head start opportunity for racers to hone their front-wheel-drive racing skills and earn a competition license in the car that competes in the TC Americas series,” noted John Whiteman, Manager, HPD Commercial Motorsports. “Our HPD Civic racing line-up is a proven way to move up through the Touring Car levels, and has proven performance at every level.”


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