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A dinosaur is entering the modern era. The Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is one of the oldest luxury SUVs in the market, and it’s getting the electric treatment. That’s right; this high-end luxury brand has a new Mercedes-Benz EQG in the works. The plan is to release this SUV for the 2024 model year, giving us a new EV model that is completely different from the others.

The electric Mercedes-Benz EQG showed up in September

Last year, Mercedes-Benz showed us the electric G-Class SUV at the Munich Auto Show. As reported by MotorTrend, this SUV was considered only a concept model at the time, but Mercedes-Benz told us it was “new-production ready” to be what a new electrified version might be. The electric version uses the same bodywork as the gas-powered model. This new EQG uses a completely different platform from the one underpinning other electrified luxury SUVs in the Merc lineup.

A different platform makes this a unique electric SUV

Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept Luxury SUV
Mercedes-Benz EQG Concept | Mercedes-Benz

What makes the gas-powered G-Wagen special? The answer is the fact this SUV does its own thing. There isn’t a shared platform or build with any other vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. If current reports ring true, the Mercedes-Benz EQG will do the same thing. We will see a singular platform used for this full-size, rugged, off-road, electric luxury SUV.

Power comes from everywhere for the EQG luxury SUV

Instead of one motor per axle or two on one axle and one on the other, the new Mercedes-Benz EQG will have four electric motors. According to Car and Driver, this means one motor positioned at each of the four wheels, giving you constant power and performance when you take this SUV out on the trails. This new electric luxury SUV also uses the ladder frame, an old-school approach to building an SUV.

What is the Mercedes-Benz EV production schedule?

Mercedes-Benz EQG Electric Luxury SUV
Mercedes-Benz EQG Electric Luxury SUV | Mercedes-Benz

We already have the electric EQS flagship sedan from this brand. A new EQS SUV arrives in 2023 that is a three-row electric SUV. Both of these vehicles are built at the Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant and powered by batteries built at a nearby facility. After these two, the EQE follows. The Mercedes-Benz EQE is a two-row electric SUV that arrives later in 2023. The new EQG will follow in 2024, giving us a timeline for the electric replacement for the G-Wagen.

More details follow as we get closer to the launch date

We don’t know much about the new Mercedes-Benz EQG. We know it’s coming, how many motors it has, and when it should arrive. The look and build should reflect the classic boxy style of the G-Wagen; otherwise, this new luxury SUV will be a huge disappointment. Is this a vehicle you’ll want to drive when it arrives? You might think you need more information to make that decision, but looking at the concept version, if the production model comes close to that vehicle, many people will want to drive this high-end electric luxury SUV.


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