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Eddie Van Halen is synonymous with shredding guitar moves and hard-partying. He also leaned to the wild side when it came to his car collection, and this 1970 Chevy Nova is a prime example. If you’re looking for that bit of Van Halen spark in your life, you can own this orange screamer. 

How can I buy Eddie Van Halen’s Nova and how much?

front shot of Eddie Van Halen's 1970 Chevy Nova
Eddie Van Halen’s 1970 Chevy Nova | BAT

It’s sitting at $60,000 with four days left to snag it for yourself on Bring a Trailer. The Nova features modifications and improvements throughout. From the orange pearl paint to under the hood and inside, nothing has been left untouched. 

The 454ci LSX V8 is hooked to a six-speed Tremec T56 manual transmission. That spins a Currie Ford nine-inch rear end with 4.10:1 gears. A Holley Dominator electronic fuel injection feeds through a Big Mouth 102mm throttle body. That is sitting on a FAST LSXR intake manifold. Tube headers exit the spent gasses. 

Everything on this Nova has been modified or improved

Eddie Van Halen's 1970 Chevy Nova LSX engine
Eddie Van Halen’s 1970 Chevy Nova | BaT

Bones Fab in Camarillo, California, handled the Nova’s modifications. A Ridetech air suspension smooths out the bumps, and also allows for height adjustments. The front suspension features a Tru Turn steering system and tubular control arms. In the rear, a triangulated four-link and sway bar help keep things planted. 

Wilwood cross-drilled disc brakes hide behind staggered 18- and 19-inch KWC wheels. Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires hit the road. The rear Pilots are huge 345/30/19 steamrollers.

Inside the Nova is all custom, too

Eddie Van Halen's 1970 Chevy Nova interior
Eddie Van Halen’s 1970 Chevy Nova | BAT

Inside features a roll bar, Sparco seats, and Vintage Air air conditioning. Black synthetic suede covers everything. Matching harnesses for the front with a black roll cage with removable door bars in lieu of a back seat, a drilled shift knob, and an air suspension controller.

A Sparco steering wheel and Covan instrument panel with AutoMeter gauges finish the interior features. Under the carbon fiber trunk lid are a fuel cell and air suspension tank. 

That House of Kolor orange pearl flops to a sparkling gold

rear 3/4 ofEddie Van Halen's 1970 Chevy Nova
Eddie Van Halen’s 1970 Chevy Nova | BAT

Paint is from House of Kolor in an orange pearl with a gold flop. Both the hood and trunk lid are carbon fiber. There are also carbon fiber mirror caps and door handles. All of the brightwork has been finished in black, as are the bumpers. There is a crack in one of the taillights.

Speaking of which, the current owner is Eddie’s nephew, who acquired the Nova in October 2020. The Nova was registered to Van Halen before that. Included in the sale is all of that documentation.

Eddie Van Halen's 1970 Chevy Nova
Eddie Van Halen’s 1970 Chevy Nova | BAT

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The Nova shows around 1,700 miles on the ticker, but the actual mileage is unknown. With but four days left to bid time is running out for you to own Eddie Van Halen’s killer Nova.