Want An Audi A6 Avant? Look At The A4 Wagon Instead

After seeing the prices for the new 2020 Audi A6 Allroad wagons if you want one you should look at the A4 Allroad instead. Hovering between $65,000-70,000 the A6 Allroad prices are a little hard to swallow. Which is a shame because the A6 Allroad is a little bit sexier, a little bit larger, and has a bit more power. But the price is more than “a bit more” over an A4 Avant which is why we’d be looking at that instead.

We love wagons and they are getting rarer by the day. With Audi offering two different wagons, it becomes a more accommodating manufacturer worth spending some time crunching numbers with.  

2020 A4 Avant Audi | Audi-01
2020 A4 Avant Audi | Audi

Audi can ask whatever it wants for whatever it makes. And, no one said it had to be affordable to us Motor Biscuit scribes. But with the lighter weight and smaller package, there’s still plenty of bang-for-the-buck fun compared to the A6. And for 2020 †he A4 has been given a refresh with A6 styling overtones. 

You’ve got to really want a wagon

The thing is that you’ve got to really want a wagon to be treading in this water, and those who do are finding less to swim to. You’ll always pay more for one over a sedan, but you won’t be seeing one like it even in places like Los Angeles. Audi wraps its station wagon numbers into its sedan figures so we would be speculating at best how many it sells. 

With the A6 Allroad, you’ll get the 335 hp turbo V6. The A4 is powered by the 2.0-liter 188 hp four-cylinder, though Europe gets the RS version with the turbocharged V6. But, if the price of the A6 Avant has you looking elsewhere, the 2020 RS4 Avant’s $87,000 price tag perks up the A6 Avant real quick.

How often will you want to take it to the performance limit

So, yeah the turbo four is a bit low on power compared to the A6, but it’s got plenty of torque so it feels like it’s got more. Though it will top out quicker be honest; how often are you going to take it to the limit of its performance? And if the difference means that much maybe an A6 sedan or RS4 is better suited for you.

Prices for the 2020 models haven’t been announced in the US but the 2019 A4 Avant had a list price of $45,700. Our guess will be under $47,000 which puts it about $20,000 south of the A6 Avant. In our book that’s significant. 

There’s always used A4 and A6 Avants

2020 A6 Avant Audi | Audi-0
2020 A6 Anniversary Avant Audi | Audi

Of course the other way to go is to buy used, and there are quite a few to be found on Craigslist for under $10,000 depending on age, mileage, and condition. It’s the fun part about buying if you’re an enthusiast. Once you decide what kind of car or truck you want there are many angles to finding the right match for you. 

The proportions, slightly longer overhangs, fenders pulled out a bit-these are all of the styling features you’ll miss on the A4 Avant. But, you almost need to put the two side-by-side to see them. We’d take the wheels from the 2020 Anniversary A6 and put them on our A4, and then drive it like you stole it.