Want a 2020 Corvette? They’re Almost Sold Out

You better hurry if you’re dying for that 2020 Corvette new-car smell in your driveway—they’re almost sold out! Just days after its premiere and still months before production begins, GM’s design chief Michael Simcoe let slip (or maybe not…) while attending Michigan’s Concours d’Elegance this weekend that C8 Corvette orders are almost at capacity.

While it’s unclear what production caps Chevrolet envisioned for mid-engine C8 production at the Bowling Green, Kentucky, manufacturing plant, they cranked out 40,000 C7s in 2016 and the same for C6s in 2007. Going back to the C4s first year of production in 1984 Corvette sales hit over 50,000. Are we looking at 40,000-to-50,000 pre-ordered 2020 C8s sold? Should Chevrolet increase production objectives in light of such overwhelming popularity? Would more 2020 C8s kill volume for future sales? We’re sure these questions are at least being asked inside the hallowed halls of GM right now.

Look, we all knew the long-awaited mid-engine Corvette would be a big seller, but maybe not selling out so quickly. Still, we’re glad to see such robust interest. Could this speed up variants to the market like ZO6 versions or convertibles? We’ve seen the advance shots of the ‘vert version so we know it has been developed and will be out sometime soon. The question is when, and will that release be moved up in light of the coupe’s sellout?

Another question is will there be a hardtop version or special lightweight package for the racers? If you look at Porsche, for instance, they offer everything from a base Carrera to the crazy GT2 RS. Should Corvette move offerings up the ladder and produce a true factory-racer C8? Porsche makes over 30 911 models including Targas, Speedsters, and convertibles, besides the coupe. Should this be Chevrolet’s model for Corvette going into the future?

Want to get crazier? Following the Porsche model, why not a premium Corvette SUV, four-door sedan, and sport truck? It’s working fantastically for Porsche, why not Corvette? GM has announced that Cadillac will be their “all electric luxury division” in the future. Why not have a luxury performance division that sticks with conventional combustion engines with massive power?

Don’t forget trucks and SUVs are the big sellers for American manufacturers. By inching into the popular SUV/truck category you’ve got a marriage of the most popular vehicle category with the iconic Corvette name.

In the near-future there won’t be many GM sedans, and no Ford sedans period. Getting into the performance sedan market would instantly put Corvette in the same league as BMW, Mercedes, Audi and Maseratti, in most consumers eyes.  

We understand Chevy’s hesitation to frontload too many variants when the first 2020 Corvette hasn’t even been delivered. But as 2020 car sales in general are expected to fall, continuing to move downward for the next few years, maybe they should satisfy demand and crank up the lines. Want to order one now? The 2020 Corvette configurator gives you all the tools you need to get in line. Everything except the down payment, of course.