Want a 1-of-7 Michigan-Built Supercar? Buy This Falcon F7

Car auctions, whether online or in-person, offer excellent chances to bid on some real rarities. Say, for example, ultra-rare supercars like the 1-of-1 Isdera Commendatore. And if you’ve been looking for an American-made supercar, but don’t fancy a Viper or a Cobra 427 Super Snake, you’re in luck. That’s because Cars and Bids just listed a 2014 Falcon F7.

Michigan-based Falcon Motor Sports made the F7 to be an American-made supercar

A silver 2014 Falcon F7 drives down an Arizona road
2014 Falcon F7 side 3/4 | Falcon Motor Sports

Speaking of the Viper, that’s originally how Falcon Motor Sports owner and designer Jeff Lemke started out, Autoweek reports. Before he founded Falcon, he established Mach Seven Motorsports to make aftermarket Viper parts. But eventually, he wanted to go further; he wanted to make a supercar to rival Ferrari and Lamborghini. And even the Great Recession wasn’t going to stop him.

The result, first shown at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, was the Falcon F7. And on paper, it had all the necessary specs to be a proper rival to the established supercars.

The 2014 Falcon F7's mid-mounted 7.0-liter V8 engine seen from the rear
2014 Falcon F7 engine | Falcon Motor Sports

For one, the Falcon F7 has a Kevlar-composite body, and a chassis made of both aluminum and carbon fiber, MotorTrend reports. It also has aluminum pushrod suspension, Road & Track reports, and most of the interior trim and switchgear is aluminum. Plus, while the F7 has leather upholstery, there’s more carbon fiber in the interior, too. So, as a result, it only weighs 2785 pounds.

That curb weight is just one part of the Falcon F7’s high-speed formula. The other part is its mid-mounted engine. It’s a 7.0-liter V8 from the contemporary Corvette Z06. And Lingenfelter tuned it to 620 hp and 585 lb-ft, MT reports. And all that power goes to the rear wheels via a gated six-speed manual transaxle, the only transmission offered. With all of that, the Falcon F7 goes 0-60 mph in “just over 3 seconds,” Edmunds reports. And it’s a genuine 200-mph supercar, too.

But the Falcon F7 isn’t just about speed in a straight line. The supercar’s steering serves up plenty of road feel, Edmunds reports, and there’s no bump-steer. And despite having minimal body roll, the ride isn’t overly stiff. Neither are the seats, though the interior isn’t exactly spacious.

There’s a 2014 Falcon F7 available on Cars and Bids

A maroon 2014 Falcon F7 parked in a car garage in front of a silver car
2014 Falcon F7 | Cars and Bids

Falcon Motor Sports doesn’t make the F7 anymore. But if you’re interested, there is a 2014 model currently listed on Cars and Bids. And it only has 3294 miles on the clock.

Admittedly, it has some imperfections, like a damaged front splitter, as well as some exterior dents and dings. But its service records indicated it’s always been serviced at Falcon Motor Sports, and the clutch and axle shaft were recently replaced.

The tan-leather, carbon-fiber, and aluminum-trimmed interior of a 2014 Falcon F7 seen from the open driver's door
2014 Falcon F7 driver’s side interior | Cars and Bids

Plus, despite its age, this Falcon F7 is a well-equipped, fairly-livable mid-engine supercar. It has a removable roof panel, fog lights, and a JBL sound system with a Kenwood CD player. Plus, there’s an iPad mounted on the dashboard from the factory—and it appears to be removable, Autoblog reports. And, of course, there’s the metal gated shifter and that 7.0-liter V8.

This F7 is also something of a celebrity, Cars and Bids reports. It was the show car at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, and the focus of a How Its Made: Dream Cars episode.

It’s a great chance to own an ultra-rare supercar at a discount

As of this writing, this 2014 Falcon F7 is listed on Cars and Bids for $76,000 with five days left in the auction. That’s a steep discount, considering it originally stickered for about $250,000. And even if you ignore the American-made aspect, the F7 is a very rare car.


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Falcon originally planned to ramp up annual F7 production from 15 cars to 100, R&T reports. But in the end, only seven F7s were ever made, and one was subsequently destroyed, Motor1 reports. This is your chance, then, to own one of only six similar cars in the world.

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