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Regular maintenance on your vehicle is the most important thing you can do to keep it running reliably for as long as possible. Most people think of taking their vehicle back to the dealership for maintenance or other mechanic shops like those that do oil and filter changes. Some people roll up their sleeves and do it all themselves.

However, when thinking about maintenance, you may not think of Walmart. The worldwide superstore has auto services in many locations and can handle almost anything you need, including battery replacement with their own car battery brand. 

Walmart Auto Centers offer most maintenance services

Walmart store front, where Walmart brand batteries are found.
Walmart | Getty Images

Walmart has numerous service centers nationwide. Most of those are in Walmart Supercenter locations. They offer various maintenance services, including tire sales and installation, oil changes, fuel system services, and a variety of replacements, such as engine air filters, headlights, windshield wipers, cabin air filters, and turn signal bulbs. They even offer battery services with their own brand of battery.

You can make an appointment at any Walmart Auto Center or occasionally go as a walk-in. Walmart advertises that they are a convenient way to keep regular maintenance up on your car because you can let the Auto Center take care of things while you shop. But what is the Walmart car battery breakdown?

1. EverStart Value

The EverStart Value is Walmart’s entry-level battery. It usually costs under $50, but it only has a one-year replacement guarantee. However, according to DrivinVibin, some customers have said that this battery lasted them for over three years. The EverStart Value suits normal conditions and will work for most customers.

2. EverStart Plus

This battery starts at around $80 and comes with a two-year replacement guarantee. If you want to ensure you’re protected, paying the extra money for the EverStart Plus might be worth it. Given proper maintenance, it can last past the two-year replacement period. This battery is suitable for normal conditions and can perform well under cold-crank conditions as an added bonus.

3. EverStart Maxx

The EverStart Maxx is Walmart’s top-of-the-line battery. It is usually under $120 and has a three-year replacement guarantee. Some customers have said that they have lasted over five years. As with the other EverStart batteries, it will fit in most vehicles. This battery is perhaps the best buy, with the three-year guarantee, the long life, and the starting power. The Maxx will work in any weather conditions. 

Who makes Walmart’s batteries?

All EverStart batteries are competitively priced and trusted by many consumers daily. The batteries are manufactured by three suppliers: Clarios, East Penn Manufacturing, and Exide.

Clarios also owns and distributes Optima, Mac, and Varta batteries. East Penn Manufacturing is part of Energy Products Inc and supplies batteries to numerous companies. Exide is based in India and is the largest manufacturer of batteries there and the fourth largest in the world. 

Get your battery installed at Walmart

If you buy your battery at Walmart, you can also get it installed for free while there if you are at a location that has an Auto Center. If your closest Walmart doesn’t have an Auto Center, you can still buy the battery there. Just make sure to bring in your old one. This will get you a “core charge” discount by bringing it in to be recycled. It’s the easiest and best way to ensure your old battery is taken care of correctly. 

If you decide not to have it installed at Walmart’s Auto Center or don’t have one close by, you can take the new battery to any garage and have them install it, usually for a nominal fee. 

Of course, you can also roll up your sleeves and do it yourself. It’s usually a relatively simple operation, but some makes and models require a little more time and effort than others. 

All in all, you can get a quality battery at Walmart and save some money in the process.