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Walmart is one of the most recognizable retailers in the United States. They have everything imaginable. Most Walmart locations even have an auto maintenance section known as the Auto Care Center. These Walmart garages are mainly known for affordable battery replacement services. However, if you are considering getting a Walmart brand car battery, it is essential to know what the brand is and where it comes from.  

What services does Walmart offer at its auto centers?

A Walmart, where you can find Walmart brand car batteries.
Walmart | Artur Widak via Getty Images

For those unfamiliar with Walmart Auto Care Centers, the idea of having maintenance done on their cars at Walmart may seem like an odd idea. However, these centers are legitimate garages, and Walmart states that the employees at Auto Care Centers are certified technicians.

You can get oil changes, tire services, and general maintenance at a Walmart Auto Care Center. For oil changes, Walmart offers standard, semi-synthetic, and synthetic oil. The technicians at the Auto Care Center can also install new oil filters.

Walmart sells tires, and the Auto Care Center offers tire mounting services. Technicians also can check tire pressure, rotate tires, and repair flats. They perform various other maintenance services as well, including headlight restoration and wiper blade installation. Finally, Walmart Auto Care Centers are known for their battery services. 

Walmart brand batteries explained

Walmart brand batteries are known as EverStart batteries, but Walmart does not manufacture these car batteries. Instead, Drivin’ & Vibin’ states that multiple manufacturers produce EverStart batteries for Walmart. This sets Walmart apart from other retailers with car battery brands, as other stores typically have a single manufacturer that produces batteries.

One manufacturer responsible for Walmart brand batteries is Clarios. This name may be unfamiliar, but its previous name Johnson Controls may be more recognizable. Clarios is a major manufacturer of car batteries, and the Drivin’ & Vibin’ article states that up to a third of the world’s cars have Clarios batteries. 

East Penn Manufacturing is another EverStart battery producer. Walmart has worked with East Penn Manufacturing for a long time, and the manufacturer may be the most well-known company that makes Walmart batteries. 

Lastly, Exide manufactures Walmart EverStart batteries. Exide is an Indian company that is one of the world’s largest lead-acid battery manufacturers. They are famous for producing submarine batteries for the Indian Navy.

Battery installation at Walmart

EverStart batteries are known for their reliability and affordable prices. The convenience of buying batteries at Walmart also comes from Walmart’s battery installation services. The store offers free installation if you buy an EverStart battery at a Walmart location with an Auto Care Center. Walmart will also take your old battery, and you can even get a discount for this.

As for the different types of batteries you can buy at Walmart, the entry-level option is the EverStart Value. That name is not a misnomer either, as EverStart Value batteries sell for less than $50. Replacement warranties for these batteries are only for a year, but the overall value is still hard to beat.

The next tier of Walmart battery is the EverStart Plus, which costs less than $80. This added cost comes with an extra year on the battery’s replacement warranty, so it would be worth it for drivers worried about needing to replace their batteries. 

At the top of Walmart’s battery list is the EverStart Maxx. This high-tier battery can typically be found for less than $120, which is considerably more expensive than the other batteries on the list, but it does justify its cost. EverStart Maxx batteries are known to last more than five years, and Walmart offers a replacement warranty of three years for them. 


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