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This week, Walmart bought 4,500 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicles. Immediately, that sent a lot of people to their keyboards to search “Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle.” Canoo has been promising that we will start to see its van-like all-electric vehicles soon. But much of what they can do is still a mystery, and many are still unfamiliar with the EV maker Canoo, which aims to be the next Tesla.

Walmart bought 4,500 Canoo Lifestyle Vehicles for EV Deliveries

A Walmart wrapped Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle
A Walmart Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle | Walmart

Walmart said in a news release that it has also signed an option to purchase up to 10,000 more Canoo vehicles for deliveries. The Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle uses steer-by-wire and other electric trickery to maximize the cargo space of the LDV. That means, Walmart can pack in more stuff. In this case, that means each LDV has 120-feet of cargo space.

Walmart says it’ll use the Canoos to fulfill online orders rapidly from its stores. We could start to see a Walmart EV van on the road in 2023.

What is special about Canoo?

Canoo Adventure van lifted kicking up dirt
Canoo EV Adventure van | Canoo

Like Walmart, Canoo’s headquarters is in Bentonville, Arkansas. Canoo started as Evelozity in 2017 and its founders came from EV maker Faraday Future. Its first vehicle was a cargo van that so impressed Hyundai, the two started collaborating. The Canoo van has a similar footprint and base idea as a VW ID.Buzz EV van, but it looks completely space age and if it weren’t for mirrors showing the front of it, it would be hard to tell if it’s coming or going.

Every Canoo comes in black only, but the company is promising that a multitude of wraps will be available so you can customize yours. Also, unlike many startup manufacturers, Canoo owns a listing on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the name GOEV. Its stock has trended down since reaching its peak in 2020 after the company spent millions on development.

Does Canoo make a pickup truck?

The 2023 Canoo pickup in the forrest
2023 Canoo Pickup | Canoo

Canoo is now taking preorders for its simply-named Pickup Truck, which looks like the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle with a bed. Canoo says it will have 500 horsepower, 1,800 pounds of payload capacity, and 200 mile range. You can order it in all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. Like other EV trucks, it’s designed for the worksite and will come with several power outlets for tools. But it will also come with several lifestyle accessories for its modular bed, like a tent and rack, and unique flip-down tables

How much is a Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle?

Canoo EV Van off-roading
Canoo EV Van | Canoo

Though the company is making EVs, you can’t buy one. Instead, you buy a subscription to the EV. Think of the subscription really more like a lease with a month-to-month commitment. Canoo also recently won a NASA contract to provide vans for astronauts to the launch site.

That being said, you can still put $100 down on a new Canoo truck, or Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, and order one today. They’re not expected to begin production until 2023.

Could the Canoo MPDV change cargo vans?

The Canoo MPDV cargo van in grey
Canoo MPDV | Canoo

Canoo takes its simple naming conventions seriously. Its MPDV is simply an acronym for multi-purpose delivery vehicle. The MPDV promises low cost, lots of room, and lots of multi-functional stuff in its cargo hold, from moveable shelfs to added seating. It will face some big competition from the new delivery vans from Ram Ford and Mercedes, however.


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