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Electric SUVs are slowly taking over the automotive industry. SUVs are one of the most popular vehicle classes, and now automakers are producing electric alternatives. Electric SUVs will go from rare to common in just a few years. Here’s why you should wait until 2024 before purchasing an electric SUV of your own.

The race to produce the best electric SUV

A white Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV.
The Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV | Ford

Huge changes are coming to the automotive industry. Gas-powered vehicles are dominant today, but in just a decade, electric vehicles could account for half of the new vehicles produced. President Joe Biden wants 50% of new vehicles produced in 2030 to be electric in America. Automakers feel 40% of all new vehicles is a more realistic goal. Either way, consumers are just a few years away from plenty of new electric SUV options.

Today consumers have a few electric SUV options to choose from. If buyers wait until 2024, electric SUV models from Honda, Toyota, and many other automakers will be available. Purchasing an electric SUV today without having plenty of options to compare to could prove to be a huge mistake. Consumers benefit most from the race to create the best electric SUV because automakers are trying to produce the most competitive options.

Here are three electric SUV options that are worth the wait:

  1. 2023 Toyota bZ4X
  2. 2024 Honda Prologue
  3. 2022 Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

The Toyota bZ4X is ushering in a new era for Toyota

A silver Toyota bZ4x electric SUV.
The Toyota bZ4X electric SUV | Toyota

The 2023 Toyota bZ4X is Toyota’s upcoming electric SUV. Toyota is a pioneer in alternative energy vehicles such as hybrid vehicles. The company has lagged behind other automakers in producing an EV, but the bZ4X is just the first of many new Toyota electric vehicles. Toyota will produce 15 battery electric vehicles.

Toyota’s bZ4X is ushering in a new generation of vehicles as part of the company’s Beyond Zero initiative. Toyota may have been late to the party, but it plans to make quite the entrance. The bZ4X is slated to release in 2022 as a 2023 model. The electric SUV is worth waiting on because Toyota has proved it knows how to create a popular SUV with the Toyota RAV4. The bZ4X will be a Toyota and Subaru collaboration.

Toyota also has shown that it can produce great vehicles with hybrid powertrains, so a Toyota model with a fully electric powertrain isn’t a huge leap away from the vehicles the company has been producing. According to MotorTrend, the electric SUV is estimated to have between 250-300 miles of battery range on a full charge. Toyota is working to produce a battery that will retain 90% of its total capacity after 10 years, so the vehicle should have similar longevity to its predecessors.

The Honda Prologue is Honda’s chance at redemption

The Honda Prologue is one of the most anticipated Honda releases in a long time. Why? Honda has failed to create a popular EV before. The Prologue is the company’s chance to stake a claim to the electric future. If the Honda Prologue flops, it could be very bad news for the Japanese automaker.

Honda has partnered with General Motors to produce the electric SUV. GM launched the Chevy Bolt in 2017 and received immediate praise. Just four short years later, Chevy Bolt models have been going up in flames. Honda may have looked to GM as an authority on electric vehicles before, but now GM’s electric future and Honda’s are uncertain.

The Honda Prologue is expected to have a range of 300 miles on a full charge. It should run on GM’s Ultium platform like many of the company’s upcoming EVs. Despite its EV missteps, Honda can still produce an amazing electric SUV. If it’s anything like the Honda CR-V, it will be a winner. The Honda Prologue is expected to release in 2024.

Volkswagen is doubling down with the Volkswagen ID.5 GTX

A red Volkswagen ID.5 electric SUV is seen at he Volkswagen stand before the start of the International Motor Show (IAA Mobility).
The Volkswagen ID.5 GTX | Sven Hoppe/picture alliance via Getty Images

Volkswagen has been responsible for many emission scandals. Now the company has been forced to take a cleaner route. Volkswagen has invested millions of dollars in both charging infrastructure and electric vehicles. The company’s Volkswagen ID.4 has made a splash on the EV scene.

The Volkswagen ID.4 has a battery range of 260 miles on a full charge. It makes 201 horsepower. The Volkswagen ID.5 GTX will take things up a notch. It is expected to come standard with the ID.4’s largest battery option. The ID.5 GTX is an electric SUV to watch because Volkswagen is gaining traction in the EV space. It has a huge investment in electric vehicles despite the company’s history. Volkswagen is just as competitive about the electric future as other automakers.


Toyota bZ4X Has an AWD System Developed by Toyota and Subaru