Wagon Alert: Here’s VW’s 2021 Arteon Shooting Brake, Will US Get It?

We’ve got leaked images of the 2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake. VW decided to add a wagon to the midsize Arteon sedan and both will officially debut next week. Many car enthusiasts lament the demise of the station wagon. There are a few European companies still cranking them out but 2020 is it for the only American wagon, the Buick CrossTour. It’s really an Opel with Buick badges. So for those still on the hunt for a new long roof here’s your station wagon alert: VW’s 2021 Arteon Shooting Brake is on. But, will the US get it?

The Arteon sedan that the wagon is based on is a fastback design. The wagon shares everything from the fastback except for the wagon part. Even the overall length is the same which comes in at a tic over 191-inches. VW is doing the Subaru Outback thing to help it survive in an SUV world. That means increased ground clearance and black plastic cladding in the wheel openings. 

The 2021 Arteon wagon gets a chrome strip that runs the width of the rear fascia

2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon rear view in yellow
2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon

Curiously, while the back ends of both the sedan and wagon use identical taillights the exhaust surrounds are unique to each one. The wagon gets some bling that ties into a chrome strip that runs the width of the rear fascia. The back also incorporates a long spoiler that ties in nicely to give the rear a more distinctive profile. It acts as a secondary design element that mimics the rear window hood. 

Since China is the wagon’s main turf we know that there will be two versions offered; the 330 TSI and 380 TSI. The 330 gets the 2.0-liter turbocharged gas inline four-cylinder with 186 hp and the 380 sees a bump to 220 hp. Either one is backed by a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission. VW also makes its 4MOTION all-wheel-drive system. We expect that to appear at some point if not in China then in European models.

The Arteon’s front fascia also gets the chrome trim treatment

2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon front 3/4 view in white
2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon

The front fascia also gets the chrome trim treatment with thin lines of chrome embedded across the grille, lower intakes, and even the front spoiler. While it adds a nice touch we expect to see banged up spoiler trim being that it is so pronounced and low. As it’s not essential to the overall design once that happens it will most likely get pried off and forgotten. LED headlights are a nice touch.

A dramatic option from both inside and out is the panoramic roof. With all of that structure above your head, it’s nice to be able to see through it. Privacy glass is also part of the package and there are two wheel options. Both an 18- and 19-inch wheel are available.

Premium-priced sedans from a non-premium automaker rarely do well

2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon overhead view showing panoramic top
2021 VW Arteon Shooting Brake wagon

Why Does VW Still Sell The Arteon?

While the Arteon does well in China and Europe total sales in the US in 2019 were just under 2,500 cars. Premium-priced sedans from a non-premium automaker like Volkswagen rarely do well. Remember VW’s Phaeton? It was a sales disaster. While the Arteon has better chances it is still not doing much to attract customers away from Tiguan and Atlas SUVs. 

Probably priced in the high-30 grand range it’s got European build quality and nice styling. But with the poor sales history of the Arteon, we doubt VW will bring it to our shores, and that’s a shame. Even in Europe, the SUV is eating away at everything car-based. We applaud VW for sticking with the wagon but don’t expect to see it here anytime soon.