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The W series is the best thing to happen to racing, since rubber tires. At the risk of sounding like an internet echo chamber, representation matters. Racing is a sport almost completely dominated by white men. Hell, Lewis Hamilton is the first and, as of now, the only black Formula 1 driver in the sport’s history, and he just so happens also to be the GOAT. How many other great racers have been snubbed for more white dudes to have their shots? Specifically, how many women racers have been snubbed?

Hopefully, we don’t have to ask questions like this for much longer. As the W series begins its second season of women-only racing, the world can finally see that there is a much deeper pool of talented drivers than just super-rich white guys. As the W series joins forces with Formula 1, something tells me the world will soon be forced to care who the fastest female race car driver is. 

What is the W Series? 

W series cars lined up for promotional photo for the women-only racing series. The female race car drivers are going to change the game
W series cars | W Series

The W series is a women-only only racing series that started in 2019. The W series lost some much-needed momentum after having its second season canceled last year, like so many other races, due to COVID-19. However, the world’s fastest women took a beat and came back stronger for the second season now that F1 has officially welcomed the W series as a Formula 1 support series. 

Although many people haven’t had the chance to get into this badass women’s racing series, it is already seeing major changes that promise big things for the sport. According to RACER, the W series CEO just announced that the world’s fastest female racers are changing to a two-racer team series like Formula 1. The first race of the series will be held at the Red Bull Ring in Austria this weekend. 

What does this team transition mean? 

Mostly it means more money which means more coverage and respect. Unlike some Formula 1 drivers, these women can’t buy their way into a seat on the two-person teams. The teams are merit-based and on a first-come-first-served basis. Every woman on that track is there because they have proven their skill behind the wheel, period. 

The plan to move to these sponsored teams has been in the works for over a year, says W Series CEO Catherine Bond Muir. She went on to say, “For me as CEO, it means that the business of W Series is underpinned for the next few years,” Bond Muir said. “So for me personally, it means I’ll do a lot more sleeping at night! But, for the business, it’s for the long-term benefits.”

Muir goes on to say that they refuse to let the W series turn into the “billionaires girls club” as Formula 1 has become. She is quite serious about the mission to keep the opportunity to race completely free for these women. The racers aren’t expected to bring money, sponsors, or clout to earn a seat; they only have to be fast.  

Who is the fastest female race car driver? 


Who Is Amber Balcaen from Racing Wives?

Given the newest series and the lack of women in the mainstream racing series, this can be an annoyingly hard question to answer. That being said, Jamie Chadwick was the winner of the first season of the W series. 

As fans of the series saw with the first season, Chadwick is one hell of a driver. However, I think I speak for any fan of the sport when I say we are looking forward to seeing many more tear-ass ladies take to the track and rip apart these F1 circuits like they’ve been there a million times. Hopefully, at some point, there will be plenty of women who have ripped these tracks millions of times with the world watching. 

In the meantime, put your foot through the floor, ladies. Give ‘em hell.