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Small trucks like the Ford Maverick have proved folks are interested in compact pickups. In fact, on the used market, the Maverick can be more expensive than if you bought a new model. So it makes sense that other brands like Volkswagen might be eyeing this segment. And in recent months, it certainly looks like VW is hoping to get off the sidelines to sell a truck here in the United States.

Does Volkswagen have a truck?

On the global market, Volkswagen sells a truck known as the VW Amarok. But that is not a pickup that we see here in the States. Because of something known as the Chicken Tax, importing a small truck is nearly impossible. And because VW doesn’t build the Amarok here, it’s just not financially viable. 

A Volkswagen Amarok sits on display as the VW truck not available in the United States.
VW Amarok | Sjoerd van der Wal via Getty Images

That could change soon, though. Apparently, VW is exploring the idea of offering a pickup truck here in the U.S., which could mean we finally see a new truck from this German automaker. It’s not confirmed yet, but the President and CEO of Volkswagen Group of America, Pablo Di Si, is working on making moves. 

VW could be designing a truck for the United States

The VW Amarok shares a lot of its DNA with the Ford Ranger on the global market. And because of the brand’s arrangement with Ford, it can’t really just start production of the Amarok domestically. 

A Volkswagen truck, the Tanoak concept is based on the VW Atlas.
VW Truck | Volkswagen

According to Motor Authority, the proposed plan is to design a new truck specifically for the States. That way, VW could produce the pickup in North America to avoid the Chicken Tax.

Volkswagen does have the Atlas SUV, and that could be a good starting point for some kind of unibody truck. That model is set to get a facelift for the 2024 model year, so it would allow for a pickup that feels and looks modern. 

Will there be a Scout truck?

Once the Scout brand returns, there will be a truck variant. And although Scout will be a VW brand, it will be separate from regular Volkswagen vehicles. Because of that, you can’t really call a Scout truck a true Volkswagen. But we know that the sub-brand will focus on producing electric vehicles meant for off-road use. 

The Scout brand is supposed to return by 2026. And it looks like the current plan is for the brand to release a pickup truck and an SUV. Both will be EVs and will be focused on folks who lead an active lifestyle. 

In the case of a VW-branded truck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it uses some kind of hybrid setup. Back in 2019, Di Si actually worked to develop the Tarok truck concept that we saw at the New York International Auto Show. 

The Volkswagen Tarok truck concept.
Volkswagen Tarok | Volkswagen

So clearly, the Volkswagen Group of America is interested in making a truck to compete with the likes of the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. But ultimately, the decision comes from VW headquarters in Germany on what’s going to happen.

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