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If you’re into hot hatches, you’ll remember the all-wheel-drive Volkswagen ID.X concept car. It debuted back in May. Now, this little hot hatch will go into production as the Volkswagen ID.3 GTX. Two other GTX variants have already been announced.

The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX is the performance version of the all-electric hot hatch

VW ID.X concept with VW CEO Ralf Brandstatter
VW ID.X concept with CEO Ralf Brandstatter | VW

Volkswagen will produce the ID.4 GTX SUV and ID.5 GTX. So this performance ID.3 GTX will be peppier but it has already been confirmed will not be anything like the Golf R. That’s a shame. 

What it will have is a dual-motor system with 295 hp. The concept was spec’d at 329 hp. With the twin-motor configuration, the GTX is likely to have the same powertrain as the ID.4 GTX SUV. So that means 60 mph in under six seconds. 

Could there be a Volkswagen ID.3 GTX-R?

VW ID.X concept
VW ID.X concept | VW

But because it doesn’t have the performance of the concept doesn’t mean this is the ID.3s limit. Volkswagen could still conjure an “R” version. And Volkswagen is eyeing more than a possible predecessor to the Golf R.

Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstatter has expressed the desire to see an ID.3 convertible. He told Auto Express, “A decision has not yet been made, but we are creating the concept.” 

Volkswagen’s CEO Ralf Brandstatter wants an ID.3 convertible

Volkswagen ID.3 concept convertible | VW
Volkswagen ID.3 concept convertible | VW

Brandstatter went on to say, “I’d love to have a cabriolet. I drove an electric cabriolet concept and it’s so cool to go outside with nature but you hear nothing – only the wind, the acceleration, and you. That’s a completely different feeling, it’s really nice.”

The downside to all of this news is that the US won’t be getting any ID.3 models. Volkswagen is said to be developing a crossover version of the ID.3. It will be based on the same MEB electric platform as the ID.3. But the hatchback will not make it to our shores.

Is the ID.3 available in the US?

Volkswagen ID.3 concept
Volkswagen ID.3 concept | VW

The first of the ID all-electric Volkswagens in the US is the ID.4. It is a slightly larger version of the ID.3. There must have been many internal discussions that resulted in this decision. But from our outside perspective, it makes sense to import an entry-level EV that is more of an ancestor to the iconic Beetle. 

For now, we’ll need to be satisfied with the ID.4 and ID.5, and even more so the GTX performance versions.


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