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Automakers give consumers seemingly endless options when buying a vehicle. That’s because the more extras available, the more upgrades a shopper can buy. Most car companies also sell models in several trim levels, and Volvo is no different. In fact, the Swedish manufacturer offers the top-trim R-Design with plenty of features and power. Volvo’s main goal with R-Design is to get consumers interested in upgrading to spend more money.

But will it work? Here’s what you should know about R-Design.

What exactly is Volvo R-Design?

The R-Design package is a “sporty design concept,” and the models that carry the label are “meant to recapture the thrill of driving,” Volvo of Austin explains.

Upgrading to an R-Design trim not only gives the vehicle a sportier look but also improves performance, so it’s not just an aesthetic makeover. The benefits can be seen in the exterior and interior, so it’s a trim that can give the entire vehicle a new look compared to the standard model.

Features of the R-Design trim

Going with the R-Design trim gives the exterior more attractive styling, including a frameless grille, finned rear diffuser, upgraded front and rear fascia, and a specialized tailpipe. The retooling reduces the drag coefficient, providing better handling, a more responsive driving experience overall, and better fuel efficiency.

The R-Design sport chassis also boasts improvements. It has firmer rear dampers, making the ride stiffer, but you’ll notice a more balanced driving feel with firmer front bushings.

In the cabin, R-Design ups the comfort level with sport seats. And shoppers can choose perforated leather seating and leather-clad steering wheel.

Additionally, the R-Design comes with features that give the vehicle a high-end look, such as exclusive badging and detailing.

Volvo models that offer this top trim

This premium trim isn’t available on all Volvo models. But you can choose from several vehicles if you’d like to upgrade to the look and feel of R-Design.

If you’re looking for a sedan, you’ll find S60 and S90 R-Design trims. The Volvo V60 and V90 are options if you want a wagon. And if you’re in the market for an SUV, the R-Design trim is available with the XC40, XC60, and XC90. 

R-Design versus other Volvo trims

News24 compares the trim options Volvo offers. The entry-level model is the Momentum. Even as the most affordable option, the Momentum provides drivers with a luxury feel in terms of design, style, comfort, and performance. Depending upon the model you choose, you can still get leather upholstery or aluminum decor inlays with the Momentum trim.

Moving up in price, the next level of trim is the Inscription, which makes the vehicle more elegant and luxurious than the Momentum. Options at this trim level include power driver and passenger seats with memory settings. You can also choose 19-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels.

And if you want the best combination of sporty and luxurious in a Volvo vehicle, the R-Design is the trim for you. But be prepared to open your wallet: R-Design trims can cost thousands more than the base models, Edmunds shows.


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