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Volvo is one of the most innovative automakers available today. With a long history of offering a unique combination of luxury, comfort, and performance, Volvo is the choice for more drivers. Volvo and other automakers are making a significant shift to EVs and are making some big moves. For the future of Volvo EVs, Volvo has announced a partnership with Epic Games to bring a new level of driver-assistance technology to the upcoming EVs thanks to the Unreal Engine.

Who is Epic Games?

If you aren’t a gamer, you may not know who Epic Games is. But, even if you aren’t a gamer, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Fortnite. Fortnite took the video game industry by storm in 2018, and as a result, has become one of the most popular games today. Epic Games is the company responsible for this popular game. Therefore, they can use their expertise from video games and apply it to the driver-assistance technology.

What can come from this partnership?

the instrument cluster screen showing an upgraded map using unreal engine
An Upgraded Map on the Instrument Cluster Display | Volvo

Volvo is appreciated for its commitment to safety. Over the past few years, it has consistently worked to offer some incredible technologies, and they can once again raise the bar. As Volvo is also, like other automakers, is shifting toward EVs, and with that shift, they are looking to add some excellent driver assistance technology.

Thanks to the popular Unreal Engine, this partnership aims to have a significantly upgraded experience inside the upcoming EVs. Unreal Engine is one of the most popular video game engines around. In the most recent version, Unreal Engine 5, gamers can enjoy nearly life-like visuals. More importantly though, this could mean much more lifelike visuals in the driver assistance technologies found in a new Volvo. This could, in turn, allow drivers to be less stressed and have more information at their disposal while driving.

How can this partnership be beneficial?

the large infotainment screen utilizing unreal engine for smoother graphics and animation
The Infotainment System Using Unreal Engine | Volvo

Volvo makes it a goal to commit to safety with each new model. Seemingly every model introduced comes with a new technology or a new version of a popular driver assistance technology. Thanks to the partnership with Epic Games, Volvo could have a new level of connectivity within driver assistance.

With this partnership, Volvo could now benefit from increased scalability, high-speed two-way way communication, and of course, high-end graphics. For example, this can ensure you will enjoy a smoother, sharper, and faster experience using the infotainment system and instrument cluster screen.

This partnership premiers later in 2022

a rendering of what both screens could look like when using unreal engine
Unreal Engine Rendered Being Used in a New Volvo EV | Volvo

This new partnership is an exciting development for the automotive industry and Volvo. With the ability to utilize Unreal Engine, Volvo can create some of the most advanced driver assistance technology imaginable. The first new model to use this technology is set to debut later this year, and once the date is revealed, circle the date to check it out.


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