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Many automakers have a new or upcoming electric crossover. Models like the Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, or Toyota bZ4X garnered much attention from the masses. However, one vehicle has widely slipped under the radar. Certain publications think the Volvo C40 Recharge is changing the game for “the EV movement.” Could it be the most underrated electric crossover? Using Google software for your infotainment system is an excellent start.

Is the Volvo C40 a good car?

The Volvo C40 Recharge is the underrated electric crossover that's not getting enough attention.
Volvo C40 Recharge | Volvo

Many people believe that legacy automakers are at a disadvantage when it comes to electric vehicles. However, according to CarBuzz, the Volvo C40 proves otherwise. Furthermore, legacy brands are forced to learn how to put batteries and electric motors into their vehicles. However, those two components aren’t everything required to build a car. Moreover, these legacy automakers are already far ahead on all the other stuff and, therefore, can continue to push the envelope with EVs. CarBuzz said the Volvo C40 Recharge gave that feeling like it’s moving the EV game forward.

Volvo C40 electric crossover: Interior

Volvo C40 Recharge seats made of recycled materials.
Volvo C40 uses recycled and sustainable materials on its seats | Volvo

Volvo’s EV has a unique yet practical interior, according to CarBuzz. The interior uses a “free air subwoofer,” and the architecture was designed with the sound system in mind. In short, it’s a subwoofer that doesn’t need an enclosure to create solid bass, so it’s considerably smaller in size. Furthermore, the free air subwoofer is mounted on the front dash instead of the cargo area or another location. Additionally, Volvo has carefully placed speakers in the doors to keep deep storage pockets. Finally, the transmission tunnel is a storage area since there’s no mechanical connection to the transmission. Volvo’s creativity comes into play here, featuring a removable wastebasket.

Other creative design features include a wire guide for the USB ports to hide dangling cables. In addition, the brand is doing its best to use sustainable and recycled materials. As a result, the C40 doesn’t use leather. Instead, owners will find seat coverings made of Microtech materials, a suede-like fabric made from recycled polyester. Next, the carpets are made of recycled plastic bottles. However, CarBuzz assures us that the interior feels premium, luxurious and as you’d expect of a high-end Volvo.

The electric crossover uses Google for everything

The Volvo C40 uses Google systems for its infotainment system. This electric crossover is pushing the industry forward.
Volvo C40 infotainment screen | Volvo

Some automakers are finally learning that software companies make better software than they ever will. That’s why many in-car infotainment systems are swapping over to versions created by Google or another tech titan. Volvo is one of the first companies to embrace Google technology inside its vehicles. Firstly, Google Assistant comes with the C40. The automakers said an upcoming Over-The-Air update would allow Google smart home systems to precondition climate control using voice commands in the house. Alternatively, the Volvo smartphone app allows the same functionality. In addition, the infotainment system uses standard media apps like Spotify and YouTube Music.

Inside the Volvo C40, the infotainment screen uses a Calm Mode that shows drivers necessary information. Moreover, it’ll tell the driver when features like Pilot Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Speed Limit Assist are in use. Activating Navi mode optimizes the 12.3-inch display for navigation use while only showing essential driver information.

How much does the Volvo C40 cost?

With regenerative braking and 261 miles of EPA-estimated range, the C40 provides a ton of value. Unfortunately, there’s only one version of the electric crossover for now. It’s a fully-loaded variant that starts at $58,750, which is more affordable than other premium electric crossovers in their top trims. CarBuzz says people’s biggest complaint is about range, but Volvo’s done the research. They say they’ve figured out how far the average owner of a crossover of this size usually drives. It turns out that 261 miles of range are far more than they’ll almost ever need.

An underrated electric crossover

In conclusion, the Volvo C40 isn’t a test or a first try for the automaker. It’s a fully fleshed-out legitimate electric crossover that will steal market attention. It’s already ahead of the game with excellent features like recycled interior materials and a standard Google infotainment system. Volvo is looking to push the industry forward, and it enters with one of the best crossover options. Do you think the Volvo C40 is the most underrated electric crossover?


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