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The race to create the most popular electric vehicle is on. Since the electric vehicle market is still in its infancy, one automaker can dominate the market. The automaker that establishes itself as the best EV producer can experience huge financial benefits. Tesla is responsible for the majority of the new electric vehicle market share in America. That isn’t the case in Europe. Here’s why Volkswagen could be Tesla’s greatest competition in 2022.

Volkswagen has made a huge change in its attitude toward carbon emissions

Volkswagen has come a long way from Dieselgate. The company was penalized for violating the Clean Air Act in 2015. The automaker manipulated emission test results to get vehicles approved for sale. These vehicles actually produced much more harmful emissions than the acceptable limit.

Today, the German automaker has completely changed its attitude toward the production of carbon emissions. Volkswagen runs a subsidiary called Electrify America, an electric vehicle charging network. The company is investing billions of dollars into electric vehicle charging infrastructure through Electrify America.

This move isn’t just about public opinion or the current climate crisis. Volkswagen is positioning itself to produce some of the most popular electric vehicles on the market. Its electric vehicle charging network has the potential to be a great long-term investment as more consumers make the switch to EVs.

Volkswagen knowingly produced harmful carbon emissions in the past. Now, it’s cleaning up its act. According to CNBC, Volkswagen wants half of the new vehicles it produces to be EVs in 2030. This means an introduction of an entirely new electric vehicle lineup in the next few years.

The Volkswagen ID.4 proves that VW isn’t messing around

A blue Volkswagen ID.4 is driving on the road.
A blue Volkswagen ID.4 is driving on the road | Volkswagen

Volkswagen isn’t just dipping its toes into the EV space, it’s diving in and making a huge splash. SUV models are currently the best-selling vehicles in the United States. Volkswagen’s electric SUV has the potential to become the most popular electric SUV in America.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is Volkswagen’s best-selling electric vehicle. It starts at $40,760. The electric SUV’s price becomes $33,260 after federal electric vehicle tax credits.

The ID.4 has between 240 and 260 miles of driving range depending on which model you choose. It makes 201 horsepower. Dual motor all-wheel drive models can produce an exhilarating 295 horsepower.

Volkswagen has experience on its side in the battle against Tesla

Volkswagen electric vehicles.
Various electric cars of the Volkswagen Group at the company’s Zwickau plant in Zwickau, Germany | Jens Schlueter via Getty Images

How Much Does it Cost to Charge the Volkswagen ID.4?

Volkswagen EVs are outselling Tesla EVs in Europe. They could soon outsell Tesla EVs in America as well because Volkswagen is the more experienced automaker. The Volkswagen ID.4 is more affordable than the Tesla Model Y electric SUV trims that are currently available.

The ID.4 also provides enough range to be practical. It’s a great Tesla Model Y alternative for consumers looking for an EV that doesn’t break the bank. It appears that Volkswagen will be Tesla’s greatest competition in 2022.