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Like many of the world’s largest automakers, Volkswagen is going electric. VW already produces a few EVs, and it’s expanding its lineup with a new model aiming to tackle consumers’ range anxiety. Here’s a look at the Volkswagen ID.7 and how it might be the electric car for drivers concerned about range.

The powerful specs of the Volkswagen ID.7

New Volkswagen electric car: 2024 Volkswagen ID.7 EV
Volkswagen ID.7 | Volkswagen

Volkswagen recently revealed the ID.7. The German auto giant plans to begin production later this year, with the ID.7 competing in the midsize sedan segment. VW made some design choices that improve this car’s range over other EVs from the brand. One of those decisions was to make the car smaller than the average sedan.

The ID.7 also has a sleeker and more aerodynamic design, giving it one of the lowest drag coefficients on the market. In addition to those efficiency-related choices, Volkswagen gave the car two large battery options. The standard is a 77-kWh battery, while the larger option has 86 kWh, CNET reports.

The longest-range ID.7 model can get a WLTP-estimated 435 miles. That said, an electric vehicle’s WLTP-estimated range is usually larger than the EPA-estimated range, so when the EPA tests this EV, its range estimate will likely be lower. Furthermore, VW won’t offer the 86-kWh option in America at launch. However, the standard 77-kWh battery still provides decent range — the company is aiming for 300 miles with the EPA’s testing rules.

Range anxiety is a legit concern for consumers

Because both battery packs will provide plenty of mileage, the Volkswagen ID.7 looks to target drivers with range anxiety. That’s a good thing because range anxiety is a legitimate concern for consumers considering switching to EVs. Drivers with range anxiety fear running out of fuel when the car is far from a charging station.

That’s a valid worry because most EVs have significantly less range than their gas-powered counterparts. For example, the longest-range gas-powered vehicles can go over 600 miles on a full tank. EVs likely don’t need that much range to ease anxiety, but the 200-to-250-mile numbers most EVs post won’t be enough. That’s why the ID.7’s 300-to-400-mile range is a welcome sight.

What else do we know about the new Volkswagen electric car?

The German automaker only recently revealed the ID.7, so many aspects of this new Volkswagen electric car are unknown. However, we know it will be more potent than VW’s small electric crossover, the ID.4.

The ID.7 will launch with a single-motor option making 282 hp. That’s much more powerful than the ID.4’s 201 hp. In addition, the ID.7 will have more torque than the ID.4, but VW hasn’t specified that number.

Also, the ID.7 will be capable of 200-kW DC fast charging, which is better than the ID.4’s 125-kW DC fast charging.

And the new electric VW will be high-tech and luxurious. It’ll boast a 15-inch touchscreen and advanced driver-assistance systems. Volkswagen also plans to offer massage seats and a sunroof that can be opaque or transparent, depending on the driver’s desires.


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