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After nearly a year of teasers and hints, the 2025 Volkswagen ID.7 breaks cover to reveal a stunning electric sedan. An evolution of the VW Arteon design, the new ID.7 is perhaps the best looking of VW’s EVs. Even better, it’s the longest-range electric car in the Volkswagen lineup. Together, this makes the ID.7 an attractive EV option and may help right the wrongs of previous battery-powered Volkswagens.

The Volkwagen ID.7, VW's longest-range EV
Volkswagen ID.7 | Volkswagen

Volkswagen dubs the ID.7 an electric limousine

Though it has a conventional four-door design, the cabin of the Volkswagen ID.7 is dressed to impress. The hatchback design provides both excellent rear cargo space and rear headroom, much like the gas-powered Arteon it replaces.

Those rear-seat fold flat to expand cargo space even further, though at this time, we know nothing about official measurements. That said, the gas-powered VW liftback offers 27.2 cubic feet of cargo space expandable to over 56 cubes, according to Car and Driver. We expect that the ID.7 will offer similar interior dimensions.

Volkswagen ID.7 liftback cargo area
Volkswagen ID.7 cargo space | Volkswagen

Interior tech in the longest-range Volkswagen EV

Early photos show an array of technology in the new Volkswagen ID.7 EV. Volkswagen’s long-range electric vehicle features a 15-inch infotainment system that tilts toward the driver’s seat. Unfortunately, VW seems committed to eliminating physical buttons from the cabin. Only the hazard lights get an actual button, everything else appears on the display.

Furthermore, the new ID.7 has a minuscule instrument cluster rather than a large display. Thus far, it seems to house a digital speedometer and range indication without much else. While it simplifies the cabin design, it also means the center display is the primary source of other driving information.

This feels like a misstep for VW. Dual digital displays are perfect for splitting nav and safety data from the media screen in the center Relying on just one display is an odd choice, but we’ll wait to get our hands on one before panning it too harshly.

One thing we can say is that the screen’s orientation is awkward. No doubt, 15 inches is a large display, and its horizontal layout means it takes up a lot of real estate. It sticks up far above the dash, and overall it looks like a bit of an afterthought. Mounting the display an inch lower would make it look more natural.

That said, an augmented reality head-up display comes standard in the VW ID.7, while luxurious features like massage seats will be optional extras. Furthermore, the driver-assistance tech will include automatic lane changes along with emergency braking and adaptive cruise.

Nighttime interior of the VW ID.7 with ambient lighting and large center display
VW ID.7 Interior | Volkswagen

Performance and range targets in the VW ID.7

So far, we know about two performance options for the Volkswagen ID.7. The base setup is a single-motor with rear-wheel drive offering 282 horsepower. Meanwhile, an all-wheel drive variant is expected to arrive with a larger battery pack. That setup delivers over 350 miles of range, but VW hasn’t yet confirmed when that option will be available on U.S. cars.

Even so, the standard battery setup targets 300 miles of range, making it easily the longest-range Volkswagen EV. Combined with the attractive design and functional interior space, and the ID.7 may finally provide Volkswagen with a standout battery-electric vehicle.

After frustrations and limited success with the ID.4, this new VW EV would help bolster the German brand’s reputation.

New Volkswagen EV from the side
VW ID.7 | Volkswagen

When will the Volkswagen ID.7 arrive in the U.S.?

The longest-range VW EV goes into production in 2024, and will arrive in U.S. showrooms as a 2025 model late next year. 

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