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Borrowing its styling cues from the stunning Arteon and an EV powertrain that makes big promises, the Volkswagen ID.7 should be a contender for the Tesla Model 3 when it finally goes on sale. The question is, will it ever show up?

Volkswagen ID.7 concept
Camouflaged Volkswagen ID.7 | Volkswagen

The VW ID.Aero concept is dead

The smaller Volkswagen ID. Aero Concept debuted last summer, but since then, not much has been heard about a compact VW electric sedan. However, the VW ID.7 seems to be taking its place and should debut around the same time this year, according to Car and Driver.

As excited as we were about the looks of the ID.Aero, seeing the slightly larger ID.7 takes some wind out of those sails. Still, the updated electric sedan concept is a stunner and highlights the outdated design of the Tesla Model 3.

A flagship for the VW ID EV brand

The Volkswagen ID.Aero concept
The original VW ID.Aero concept | Volkswagen

Volkswagen seems to be all over the place right now, but the ID.7 may finally see the brand create a cohesive structure going forward. As the rumored flagship of the VW EV fleet, the ID.7 needs to be a success, or the German brand may find itself in trouble.

Already reeling from the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has been timid in its introduction of new concepts for the past half-decade. But as new brands like Rivian, Tesla, Genesis, and Lucid continue to make waves in one way or another, being a wallflower just won’t cut it. Even Toyota has broken out of its humdrum reputation with models like the Camry TRD, GR Corolla, and the new Supra. The ID.7 can change that.

Today, supposedly spicy models like the GTI and Golf R arrive sanitized. Packed with unnecessary (and infuriating) features, longtime VW fanatics are beginning to turn away from the brand in favor of models like the Hyundai Elantra N and BMW M240i.

The truth is, it’s time for Volkswagen to take a big swing and arrive with the kind of verve it displayed in the early aughts. A Fahrenheit Orange GTI may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it grabbed attention. It’s time for a new generation of standout VW products to emerge, or the brand’s standing in America will only continue to decline. In short, the upcoming ID.7 is possibly the most important car for Volkswagen in the last 20 years.

The Volkswagen ID.7: What do we know so far?

Other than that the model will ride on VW’s MEB platform and be slightly longer than the current Arteon, there isn’t much to know about the ID.7 just yet. Volkswagen is famous for keeping specifics close to the vest, so it’s unlikely we’ll hear much about this new VW EV before its official unveiling this summer.

Single-motor and dual-motor options should be available, and a reported range of over 400 miles would make the ID.7 a true challenger to both the Tesla Model 3 and Model S sedans. As the months go on, we’ll gather more details and provide updates on what to expect from the Volkswagen ID.7 when it arrives later this year.

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