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The Volkswagen ID.4 is taking Europe by storm. Volkswagen’s electric SUV is outselling more seasoned electric vehicles like the Tesla Model Y. After a freak accident, some Volkswagen ID.4 buyers won’t be getting their electric SUVs anytime soon.

A Volkswagen ID.4 shipment just went straight to Davy Jones’ locker

The sea can be a harsh mistress, especially if you’ve recently ordered a Volkswagen ID.4. A shipment of Europe’s hottest electric vehicle just sank, along with the hopes of American consumers driving the model anytime soon. According to Electrek, some ID.4 models were lost in the Felicity Ace cargo ship fire. The Felicity Ace cargo ship eventually sunk after the massive fire.

The Felicity Ace cargo ship made headlines because of the thousands of luxury models aboard. The Volkswagen ID.4 models that were lost may not have been expensive as some of the luxury models on the ship, but this loss is having a major impact on Volkswagen.

The German automaker informed American consumers that ordered the 2021 VW ID.4 that their orders went down with this ship. This means many Americans will receive their ID.4 models much later than they anticipated. As a consolation, Volkswagen will ship the 2022 model year to consumers instead. The 2022 model year includes improvements such as a longer driving range.

Volkswagen’s electric SUV global domination may be slowed, but the ID.4’s price and specs are still enough to convince plenty of consumers to order the EV. Volkswagen’s rapid growth in the EV space is surprising, given the company’s checkered past.

Volkswagen’s electric future is a huge surprise to the automotive industry

Saying that German automaker Volkswagen has been reluctant to reduce carbon emissions in the past is a huge understatement. The company was responsible for one of the largest carbon emission scandals in history. As a punishment for dieselgate, Volkswagen paid billions of dollars to settle lawsuits.

Today, the company has clearly embraced the new direction of the automotive industry with the creation of vehicles like the ID.4. That change of heart is paying off as Volkswagen is becoming a more successful electric automaker than Tesla in Europe. The company may have been hesitant to shift its focus to more sustainable fuel sources, but now that it has, it is gaining major headway in the market.

Volkswagen has also created its own electric vehicle charging network in the U.S., Electrify America. Electrify America recently partnered with Kia to provide Kia EV6 buyers free charging for a limited time. VW is going to be a major player in the production of popular electric vehicles and the establishment of charging infrastructure.

Is the Volkswagen ID.4 a good electric SUV?

A blue 2022 Volkswagen ID. 4 electric SUV is driving on the road.
The 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 Pro | Volkswagen

The Volkswagen ID.4 is popular because it’s both practical and affordable. It is beating the Tesla Model Y in the European market for several reasons including the availability of its entry-level option.

Tesla prices fluctuate, often to the detriment of the consumer. Volkswagen has provided stable, consistent pricing for the ID.4 thus far, making it a viable option to the average middle-class consumer. The 2022 Volkswagen ID.4 starts at $40,760, or $33,260 after federal electric vehicle tax credits.


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