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Usually, we miss out on a lot of the cooler European models, especially from European-based manufacturers like Volkswagen. However, just like Audi with the RS6 Avant, VW has listened to its Stateside customers. Now, we’re getting some long-forbidden VW fruit: the Volkswagen Arteon R. Over in Europe, just about every VW model has an R variant, from the Golf (obviously) to the Toureg and Tiguan.

The Arteon is no exception, but there’s yet more Euro-spec forbidden fruit we’re missing out on, in the form of the Arteon R Shooting Brake. That’s the wagon version, which we almost never see any of in the U.S.

How much will the VW Arteon cost?

A yellow Volkswagen Arteon R shot from an angle
The new Volkswagen Arteon R | Jörg Sarbach via Getty Images

So, let’s get this out of the way now. The Volkswagen Arteon R costs $59,658. However, be aware that number is UK pricing, so things could look a little different once the R comes stateside. Ideally, that means cheaper, given that Volkswagen has a factory here. Of course, things could also swing the other way given that the Arteon is a sort of “halo” car for VW’s American lineup.

It’s got big shoes to fill there. The Golf R has been VW’s crown jewel here in the states for the better part of a few decades, and the little hatchback has built itself quite a reputation. The Arteon R will need to do the same if it’s going to replace the golf at the top of the VW performance tree.

The Volkswagen Arteon R promises luxury and performance

A blue Volkswagen Arteon R at the seaside
The Arteon R may be VW’s best-looking car | Volkswagen

On paper, things look good. Carwow points out that the Volkswagen Arteon R gets the typical VW “go fast” treatment. That means starting with stiffer suspension and bigger brakes. That also means the R-spec version of Volkswagen’s trusted EA888 turbocharged four-cylinder from the, well, everything. That motor is in a lot of VW cars, from the Jetta all the way up to the non-R Arteon. Finally, that EA888 motor gets 320 hp, according to Carwow.

It’ll need it, given that the current Volkswagen Arteon comes in at 3,939 lbs. That’s almost 600 lbs heavier than a MK6 Volkswagen GTI. Of course, the Arteon R will also keep much of the luxuries found in the current U.S-spec Arteon and (hopefully) put them to good use. That includes VW’s new infotainment unit with Ferrari-esque touch buttons and nicer interior trimmings.

Forbidden fruit or not, the Shooting Brake is the one to have

A blue Volkswagen Arteon R Shooting Brake
The Arteon R Shooting brake is the one to have | Volkswagen

As enticing as a big, fast, comfortable sedan sounds, a big, fast, comfortable station wagon offers more of what makes the Arteon good. To some, it may even look better. Obviously, the shooting brake version also grants much better luggage capacity. Unfortunately, we can’t have that version yet. VW is likely waiting to see how we’ll all like the Arteon R before gambling on the wagon. Fine by me, good things come to those who wait.


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