Virgil Abloh Made a Drake an Outrageous Custom Jet From a $200 Million Boeing

The late Virgil Abloh had a significant impact on the design world; there is no denying that. As the public comes to terms with his passing, take a look at this custom airplane that he designed for Drake. This is no regular airplane, though, as Drake prefers to travel in his converted Boeing 767-300F jet. If you thought Drake was big into luxury cars, check out this ridiculous custom airplane.

Virgil Abloh helped Drake design his Boeing 767-300F jet

Virgil Abloh helped Drake with his Boeing 767-300F jet | Mr. Luxury via YouTube
Virgil Abloh helped Drake with his Boeing 767-300F jet.

Business Insider says the Boeing 767-300F jet cost $185 million, and that was before the Virgil Abloh makeover. Cargojet reportedly handed over the plane to Drake for free in exchange for publicity, though that hasn’t actually been confirmed. As shown in photos, the plane’s exterior is meant to mimic the cover art for Drake’s album, “Nothing Was The Same.” If publicity was what the company wanted, it worked.

The exterior of the plane showed a blue sky and a variety of clouds. It also says “ABLOH ENGINEERING” on the side. Drake said he was “social distancing” in the private plane that fits 30 people. At the time, the public wasn’t too big on showboating while everyone was stuck at home. Air Drake, as it says on the engine, wasn’t delayed by the complaints.

When Abloh posted about the plane on his own Instagram, he said, “the tail number is a problem, and the FBO is a whole other story… ⁣@champagnepapi c/o ABLOH ENGINEERING®”.

The Boeing jet has a blue sky design, courtesy of Virgil Abloh

If you remember the day back in 2017, the Virgil Abloh Boeing jet plane debuted the same weekend Drake’s secret son did. The singer posted photos of his aircraft and his son, Adonis, for the world to get to know. Of course, the jet took a backseat to the images of his son.

Inside the plane, the cloud motif is gone—just luxury seats for 30 passengers. The airplane also has velvet sofas, plush carpet, and a wide-screen TV. If the inside got a makeover, Drake hasn’t been sharing it. Perhaps the backlash he got the first time was enough. But you can find clips of the plane on social media. However, the plane comes with two General Electric CF6 engines and plenty of free publicity.

On the underside of the plane, it reads: “If you’re reading this we left.” That’s another homage to the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape put out by Drake back in 2015.

The Boeing 767-300F plane is sometimes used by FedEx


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The Boeing 767-300F is often used by companies like FedEx for its express service. It also flew for UPS airlines when it first debuted in 1995. This makes it an ideal plane for a celebrity with a lot of stuff, obviously. Since it first hit the runway, this Boeing plane has been a jet, so it didn’t do much FedEx shipping. If you are interested in seeing what else Drake has done to his luxury vehicle collection, don’t forget the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. That one clearly didn’t get the Louis Vuitton treatment courtesy of Virgil Abloh.