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It’s no surprise why social media has grown into such a valuable industry. In the old days, Ford Motor Company would have had to pay millions for the kind of publicity reach that a naturally occurring viral video can get today for free. Case in point: this video of a Ford F-250 blocking an allegedly stolen semi-truck from leaving a parking lot is making the rounds. Ford must be pumped to see an F-250 looking like such a hero. 

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Ford F-250 outmuscles stolen semi-truck in battle

As seen on CarScoops, the viral video in question was originally posted on TikTok by user raulcerventesce88. The clip is brief and given without any context. While a bit chaotic without context, the video shows an unladen semi-truck looking to exit a parking lot and a red F-250 laying a nasty body block. The semi tries its best to push back and get around the Ford pickup truck, but the Ford punches it until the semi is pinched between the Ford and another semi. Flawless pick. 

Despite the far more powerful semi’s attempts to turn into the Ford F-250 and outmuscle it, for some reason, it couldn’t do it. Again, Ford is dancing a happy jig right now. Honestly, the footage is amazing. Call it a better truck, better driving, or a mix of the two, but the fact is, the F-250 kept a tractor-truck from leaving a parking lot. It’s kind of like Rey Mysterio Jr. keeping the Giant from leaving the ring. 

What happened? 


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The two big questions are, why was the semi so dead set on leaving? And why was the Ford pickup truck so dead set on keeping him there? 

As pointed out by CarScoops, the biggest hint as to what’s going on here is the name on the side of the semi, “The Transportation Solution Inc.” The owner of the truck yard associated with the name on the truck told Tire Meets Road that the incident did not happen there. 

As of now, the best guess is that the semi-truck was in the process of being lifted from the truck yard, and the F-250 driver stopped that from happening. As we see at the end of the video, once the semi is stopped, two men exit the truck and take off running. This isn’t most innocent people’s reaction to getting in a low-speed car crash. Again, these are simply allegations until more information is released. What we do know, though, is a Ford F-250 can go toe to toe with one of the biggest haulers in the game. 

How much can a Ford F-250 tow? 

With a gooseneck trailer setup, an F-250 can pull up to 32,000 lbs in its strongest configuration. Without a gooseneck, the strongest F-250 can tow around 20,000 lbs. While that is some serious weight, your average semi-truck can pull over double that, topping out at around 48,000 lbs. Granted, there are stronger trucks, but without knowing the F-250’s sparring partner, let’s just talk average. Considering that the semi is likely twice as strong, this is one hell of a victory for the Brawny Ford F-250.