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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the video of a Tesla Model S flying through an intersection in Los Angeles. The stunt seems to have happened over the weekend, and the video has been circulating like a wildfire. However, despite dozens of clearly visible witnesses, it appears that police are not doing much about the incident. Allegedly, police are not going to pursue it at all.

Who jumped this Tesla?

Tesla Model S Jumping in streets of LA sreenshot from Alex Choi video
Tesla Model S Jump | Alex Choi/Youtube

The whole stunt appears in a video posted on Youtube by automotive vlogger Alex Choi. In the video, it seems Choi has organized a Tesla meetup of some sort at a local supercharging station. The event seems pretty harmless. However, as anyone who has seen the clip is aware at this point, things escalated rather quickly.

Choi states that the meet and drive goes over just fine. Afterward, a Tesla driver offered to take him to the spot where another notorious Youtube personality, David Dobrik, allegedly jumped a Tesla. Choi does not identify the driver.

“Then, without any warning, this happened like as if he’s done it a million times before. No practice runs, no warning,” says Choi.

However, immediately after, Choi is seen in his car at the scene. He states that the Tesla driver told him and all the other people present to park at the top and get out of their vehicles.

In the following clip, the Tesla Model S flies over the intersection and smashes into the ground nose-first. It destroys a garbage can, then proceeds down the road until it eventually hits a parked Subaru and comes to a stop. Shortly after, a few clips of the destroyed Tesla are displayed, followed by Choi returning to the crash scene and assessing the damage to the area. Choi reports that immediately after the accident, most of those present fled the scene. Remarkably, 30 minutes after the accident occurred, no police were on site upon Choi’s return.

This was not a victimless “accident.”

Blue 2022 Tesla Model S, which rates high for Consumer Reports electric car owner satisfaction, driving on a street
2022 Tesla Model S | Tesla

In the video, Choi shows the Subaru that took the brunt force of the Tesla’s hit. He assesses the damage and claims that it seems only to need a new rear bumper. However, the owner of the Subaru claims otherwise.

Jordan Hook, the owner of the Subaru, created a Gofundme campaign to help cover the cost of the damage to his vehicle.

“We know who organized and facilitated this mess…but the cops said they won’t pursue it because it’s just property damage and not a felony, so they will probably get off with no consequences,” Hook wrote in his Gofundme description.

Hook is a musician from LA. He states that he just wiped out his savings account, spending $5,000 getting a new engine put in it. Additionally, he corrects Choi’s claims that the vehicle only took minor damage. He states that his wheels were turned toward the curb when parked, and the hit caused severe front-end damage and rendered it undrivable. Looks can be deceiving, and this Subaru would likely be insanely costly to repair, if not entirely totaled in the eyes of insurance.

Fortunately, many are rallying around Hook’s Gofundme page, and he has accumulated nearly $10,000 of his $20,000 goal. Hook had embedded a video of the incident on his Gofundme description. Irritatingly, it has since been removed. In its place is a message stating that it’s unavailable due to a copyright claim by Alex Choi.

Perhaps most disturbingly, though, is that his Gofundme reports that there were claims that there was a cat inside the Tesla at the time of the jump, too. Of course, there’s no actual confirmation that this is the case.

Police are looking for the driver of this Tesla. Worst yet, the driver didn’t own it.

According to a Twitter post from Sky News, the Los Angeles Police Department is actively looking for the driver. Furthermore, Sky News reports that the Tesla seen in the clip is a rental.


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Ultimately, unless people on the ground at the site of the accident start talking, there’s likely to be no ramifications because of the inability to prove who was behind the wheel at the time of the jump. This, unfortunately, isn’t far disconnected from the street takeover crowd. This is allegedly the second jumping Tesla at this location. So, there’s a chance someone else is going to follow up and be the next bonehead to attempt this stunt.

Don’t jump your Teslas, folks.