VINwiki Is The Ultimate Car Spotter App

Spotting rare or exotic cars can be a lot of fun, whether you are expecting it a lot, but car spotting has gotten even more fun. An app called VINwiki helps car spotters and car owners to connect and be part of a car’s history. You can add your own cars, rare or common, or follow other cars in your area or cars you’ve previously owned, and it almost works like some social media applications, except for cars.

How VINwiki works

The VINwiki app is independent of other car fact sources, like Carfax, that simply shows the insurance history of a car. It is completely user-based and relies on posts made by app users and car owners. The app is simple, you start by making a note of the car using the VIN number, which is displayed in an easy to spot location on the dashboard in front of the driver. With the VIN number, you can search for the car in the app and see if it has been posted before.

If the car has been posted to the app before, you can scroll through previous posts which might tell you where else the car has been spotted, including pictures, or even tell some pretty interested about the car. You can upload your own image of the car with any notes, maybe saying where you spotted it and when, or if you met the owner and any details you might want to include.

If the car hasn’t been posted then you get to be the first to post about it. Just like if it was already was posted, you can post pictures and tell your story with the car, whether you met the owner at a car show or just saw it on the side of the street somewhere. There are over 300,000 users already on the app constantly uploaded stories and pictures. You can follow the VIN of the car you uploaded and see where it travels after you’ve seen it too.

Who should download the app

The VINwiki app is great for users of any age, gender, or interest level in cars. Whether you prefer tuner cars, classic cars, or rare exotics, the app has a lot to offer for everyone.

The app is also a great source for anyone looking to buy a car that could potentially be on this app. The app is useful for showing a different perspective of the car’s history than you would get from websites like Carfax, and since the app is completely free, the only thing it costs is a small amount of your time. With just the VIN number of the car you are looking for, you can potentially meet previous owners, see older pictures of the car or see a little bit of where the car has traveled to.

vinwiki app
VINwiki App | A preview of the application home and dashboard

The VINwiki app is also good if you’ve sold a car that you loved and want to see where it’s gone since you’ve had it. You can keep track of new owners if they use the app, or see where it is if anyone has spotted it and uploaded pictures. It’s a way to stay connected with your car and to find out what life is had past your ownership, which is good for sentimental value.

The VINwiki app is completely free to download and use to it’s fullest extent. There are no hidden costs or features that have to be purchased. There is no other app like it, and with so many users uploading their pictures and stories every day it is truly the ultimate car spotting, and even car owner, app.


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