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The Land Cruiser has seen a lot of love over the years. But as the vintage, boxy-4×4 market continues to explode, much like the camper-van market, we have seen increasingly rad (and expensive) vintage Toyota Land Cruiser, vintage Land Rover Defender, and Bronco builds. This 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser is a cut above any other Land Crusier we have seen in a long time. 

close up on the grille of a 1984 Land Cruiser FJ60
1984 Toyota Land Cruiser | Corsetti Cruisers

Feast your eyes on this vintage Toyota Land Cruiser build

The FJ60 is easily one of the most inspirational and influential SUVs the world has ever seen. Like many Toyota 4x4s, this generation Land Cruiser really prioritized reliability and off-road capability over most things, but somehow never abandoning the “family car” feeling. 

According to Gear Patrol, California-based Corsetti Crusiers completely agrees with our love of the LC and has put together one of the finest in the game. The best part of this inspired 1984 Toyota Land Cruiser build is that it is only one of a series of builds the team is working on. 

This Toyota FJ60 is the coolest

Profile view of Land Cuiser with paint and orange, yellow, and while stripes
1984 Toyota Land Cruiser | Corsetti Cruisers

This build has over 2,000 hours invested. While that may seem like a lot (it really is), it doesn’t take long to see where those hours went. This thing is not only immaculate; it is cooler than the other side of the pillow. 

Corsetti Cruisers didn’t mess around with a motor rebuild; instead, they went straight for an LS3 6.2-liter V8 swap. This monster powerplant is paired with a four-speed automatic transmission. The drivetrain now triples the FJ60’s original 135 hp to make a colossal 495 hp. There are plenty of new bits and bobs, but CC kept the original three-speed transfer case cause if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 

Other mechanical modifications include a killer suspension from the Aussies at Old Man Emu, 33-inch BF Goodrich rubber, and hydro boosted rear disc brakes to match the front. Even with the nearly 3x increase in power, the folks at CC claim this Land Crusier can get between 22-24 mpg on the highway. According to Gear Patrol, the original would typically get around 12 mpg when new. 

ThisToyota FJ60 looks like a million bucks

Interior of a restored vintage Toyota Land Cruiser
1984 Toyota Land Cruiser | Corsetti Cruisers

1994 Toyota Land Cruiser With 1,000 Miles Sells for $136,000

Clearly, Corsetti Crusiers went to the mat on this one. Due to all-new suspension, brakes, drivetrain, and tires, this Land Cruiser is hard to beat as a truck. However, the build obviously didn’t stop there. 

The design aesthetic for the custom Landy might be the best part. First of all, just look at that paint scheme and graphics package. The electric blue with the 80s livery is so good that I don’t even really want to talk about it anymore. 

The interior is on par with the rest of the build. CC upholstered the seats with leather, added a 10-inch Pioneer touchscreen infotainment screen, reverse camera, and a modern stereo system. And, in case you’re wondering, yes, they even added the jump seats behind the second row. This is one of the coolest features of the earlier Toyota FJs. 

This vintage Land Crusier ain’t cheap

It should come as no surprise that this vintage Toyota Land Cruiser is said to have cost nearly $135,000 to build. That is about the same money as a Mercedes G series. While that is a ton of money for an old truck, no one, and I mean no one could argue in good faith that buying a new production G Wagen is even kind of as cool as this vintage Land Cruiser. The choice is an easy one.