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You’ve heard it once; you’ve heard it a thousand times. Clean all the snow off of your car, everyone says. However, it’s effortless to rush into work late and leave an extra layer. Whether it’s just a bit on the roof or you only remove enough to see out of the windshield, leaving any snow can be dangerous. Thanks to someone with a dashcam having a bad day, we’ve got video proof of why you should clean all the snow off your car in the winter.

Video proof: Here’s why you should always clean all the snow off your car


How many times do we have to tell you? Clean all the snow off your car, and it could save a life, or at least some cash. After snow and ice hit Albany, New York, this driver didn’t remove the snow from their car for days before this incident. This video took place on the Patroon Island Bridge on I-90 in Albany two days after the snow fell, according to WGNA. The person who didn’t remove all the snow from their car had it fly backward in a sheet of ice, hitting the vehicle with the dashcam and shattering the windshield. Luckily no one was injured, but this video shows how easily someone could be.

The culprit who caused the damage continued down the road as if nothing had happened. Likely, they didn’t even know the damage they just caused by being a bit lazy. Now, the person with the dashcam footage has to pay for their new windshield. All because someone had two days to clean all the snow from their roof and chose not to take the time.

Luckily, the driver isn’t hurt

A snow-covered car in Bavaria, Berchtesgaden
A snow-covered car | Tobias Hase/picture alliance via Getty Images

According to Jalopnik, the driver of the car with the dashcam didn’t sustain any injuries, luckily. They managed to pull over to the side of the road to figure out their new windshield situation. Unfortunately, plows had stacked snow and ice into the shoulder of the highway, so there was no real space on the side of the road for the car to park. This incident could’ve been much, much worse. Even if the ice doesn’t make it through the windshield to hit the driver, it can easily send shattered, sharp glass inward to the driver and passengers.

Residents of Albany, New York should know the rules of snow

A nun clearing snow off a car windshield during winter in Krakow, Poland video proof shows why its a good idea
A nun clearing snow off a car | Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty Images

How to Protect Your Car From Snow Damage

While we don’t know where any of those involved are actually from, they were at least in the Albany area for a few days to get snow on their car. According to, as a resident of Albany, you get 60 inches of snow on average each year. That seems like more than enough yearly experience for a driver to know that removing snow is essential. If they were able to find this video online after it blew up, they’d probably have the cleanest car you’ve ever seen immediately after every snowstorm. How often does this happen, and the person doesn’t have a dashcam for video proof?

If you’re running late to work in the morning, it’s very easy to leave with snow on the roof. However, being late is better than injuring someone, or worse. Make sure to take the time to clean all the snow, and especially ice, off your car. It could be the difference between someone being injured, a car behind damaged, or a fatal accident. That’s not something anyone wants to do, especially when drivers can prevent it with two extra minutes of work. That’s why you should always clean all the snow off your car in the winter.