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Viral videos of car crashes are scary. But some accidents, especially those involving high-priced rides, are more cringe-worthy than anything. Take, for instance, a recent clip starring a brand-new Ferrari SF90 Stradale. This incredible supercar is a show-stopping speed demon with a hybrid powertrain and a Ferrari price tag.

So when a delivery truck drops this $1.5 million Ferrari SF90, you can likely appreciate the gravity of the mishap. And even though this Ferrari isn’t yours, watching — and hearing — it crash onto the street will likely sting a bit.

The Ferrari SF90 is a beast of a plug-in hybrid

A dark-gray metallic Ferrari SF90 Stradale at Joe Macari Performance Cars in Wandsworth, London
Ferrari SF90 Stradale | Martyn Lucy/Getty Images

Ferrari takes car-making seriously, with a reputation for innovative designs, immense power, and top-notch performance specs, regardless of the model. But the SF90 brings a plug-in hybrid variation to the table in the first-ever PHEV production car for the Prancing Horse. 

Ferrari says the SF90 integrates an internal combustion engine with three electric motors. It packs a serious punch, too, with 986 hp and a 0-60-mph time of only about two seconds. It’s a traditional production model, making it more readily available than limited-edition Ferraris such as the legendary LaFerrari. But the SF90 can still cost upward of $1.5 million with options. Entry-level retail pricing for the Stradale coupe body configuration is around $507,300 to $700,979 — still a big check to write.

The Ferrari SF90 Spider is the pricier convertible for those who want to feel the “thrill of open-top driving,” Ferrari boasts. The Spider’s powertrain features the same 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with three electric motors. But the base MSRP is about $558,000 — a full $50,000 more than the Stradale.

The cringe-worthy mishap involving a $1.5 million Ferrari SF90 Stradale and a delivery truck

It’s hard to watch any million-dollar car get wrecked. But a recent YouTube video shows just that. A man in Brazil looks on as his brand-new yellow Ferrari SF90 experiences a serious delivery mishap. Owner João Adibe Ramos, the CEO of the healthcare company Cimed Group, is helpless as the truck’s hydraulic ramp appears to malfunction, The Drive reports. It drops his $1.5 million 2021 Ferrari SF90 Stradale onto the cold, hard street.

It’s hard to tell from the angle of the video what, if any, damage the car sustained. GT Spirit mentions that no official damage amounts have yet been announced. And it’s believed the Ferrari SF90’s warranty — or at least insurance — might cover the accident. But for now, rumors suggest Ramos has been driving his new Ferrari around town as-is, so the car appears operable.

Another unfortunate crash involving 1 of these PHEV supercars


The 2021 Ferrari SF90 Stradale Dominates as the Quickest Car of the Decade

The mishap in Brazil isn’t the only time a Ferrari SF90 Stradale was the center of an unfortunate, non-driving-related accident. 

Another recent incident involved a transport truck full of high-end cars that got stuck on a set of railroad tracks. The train was unable to stop in time, resulting in a heap of multimillion-dollar rides. A vintage Porsche 911, a Bentley, and a Ferrari 488 Spider sustained damage in the calamity. But bystanders reported that the Ferrari SF90 Stradale was “completely messed up,” Road & Track reported.

This latest video demonstrates that seeing any precious car sustain damage can be shocking. Imagine how upset you might be to watch your sweet new Ferrari fall off a delivery truck, turning your excitement to horror.