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The 2021 Ford Bronco has made more waves than the moon. Unlike other major off-roaders, it feels like every week there is some new calamity or drama surrounding the new Bronco. As of now, Ford offers Bronco and Bronco Sport owners access to the “Off-Roadeo” driving event. This off-road driving event has locations in Texas, Nevada, Utah, and Vermont. The residents of Woodstock, Vermont, are not pleased about this Ford Bronco program being offered in their home. 

An image of a 2021 Ford Bronco parked outdoors.
2021 Ford Bronco | Ford

What is the Ford Bronco Off-Roadeo?

According to Motor1, the people of Woodstock held an impassioned virtual town hall meeting in which they quickly and decisively shot down Ford’s off-road driving program. 

The Off-Roadeo is a driving experience put on by Ford and Adventure ORX. Off-Roadeo’s site describes the program as “the essence of the Bronco brand: an off-roading and outdoor adventure playground.” 

The Off-Roadeo aims at novice off-roaders and experts alike. Novice drivers will learn basic knowledge of their 2021 Ford Bronco rig. They will also learn how to read and evaluate trail maps and various navigation tools. Seeing as how getting stuck is inevitable, the 4×4 program teaches participants how to safely recover their incapacitated Ford Broncos. 

The experience was meant to help support the ski resort town of Woodstock by bringing 4×4 enthusiasts to town for the summer months. As stated by Motor1, the original plan was to turn the 189-acre ski mountain into an off-road park to keep revenue flowing in quieter months. 

Tim Reiter, the general manager of the ski resort, said, “We’re talking a significant investment that turns us from a completely not viable business to making our business potentially viable.” 

Why do the people of Vermont hate the Ford Bronco park so much? 

As Motor1 points out, the Off-Roadeo site mentions that the people of Vermont are passionate and care deeply for their natural landscape. The organizers may have underestimated just how much the people of Woodstock, Vermont care for their landscape. 

An orange metallic 2021 Ford Bronco Sport compact crossover SUV parked on rocks beside a dirt road
2021 Ford Bronco Sport | Ford Motor Company

Basically, the townsfolk of Woodstock are aware of their town’s limits far better than tourists could ever be. They voiced their concerns about the influx of 4x4s coming to their town and the surrounding areas tearing up the dirt roads and trails. 

This is a community of lovers of the great outdoors. That covers a wide variety of activities like hiking, climbing, camping, horseback riding, and likely off-roading as well. As any off-roader knows, the more people who drive a trial, the worse it gets. The people of Woodstock like their town and trails the way they are and are deeply disinterested in seeing them degrade. 

Motor1 says that it is still unclear whether or not Ford will move on to a different Vermont resort or just scrap the whole idea. 

The Bronco is always up to something

Ford has positioned the Bronco to be the biggest thing since sliced bread. People were already into it when Ford officially unveiled it. The countless delays, shortages, and all other manners of cosmic hindrances have grown the Bronco from a cool truck that some people were into to something many of us are foaming at the mouth to get our hands on. 

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Convoy of Ford Broncos | Ford

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Things like this controversial driving program only support the brand’s success. The 2021 Ford Bronco has all the pieces for a super-star model. It is nearly impossible to get one right now, highly customizable, and always in the news for something.