Vanlife RV Conversion Kits Are A Thing For Most Any Van or SUV

People that have a growing interest in Vanlife, overlanding, or in becoming an RV lifer have to start somewhere. For some, it is as easy as renting an RV for a long weekend to see if they like the lifestyle. However, for those that don’t want to rent a van, travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome, there is an alternative. Diving right into a full-blown van or RV conversion can be overwhelming or intimidating. So, instead of spending tons of cash to get into a new and fancy rig, some people look to conversion kits for their existing vehicles, or shop for a used van they can convert.

There are kits out in the market right now that offer conversions not just for vans, but for wagons, crossovers, and SUVs as well. These kits vary in what they offer. But, if you want to make your current vehicle into an RV, even temporarily, the kits will provide the basics you may need. Of course, there are van conversion kits too, which might work for the enthusiast that wants to jump in but does not have the budget for a new ride.  

Freeway Camper Kit

The back of a Toyota Sienna minivan has the Malibu 2 kit installed make a functional RV camper.
Malibu 2 kit from Freeway Camper Vans | Freeway Camper Vans

The Freeway Camper Kit provides a way of you keeping your current minivan or SUV and adding the functionality of an RV. According to the manufacturer’s website, their camping kit converts most minivans or SUVs easily, providing a sink, water pump, faucet with retractable shower head, 6.8 gallon fresh-water reservoir, removable greywater reservoir, storage compartment under the bed, and a 40 quart Coleman Powerchill thermoelectric cooler. Two people can install it and remove it with ease. Pricing starts at $749 for SUVs, and $999 for minivans.

The Ququq Kitchen Box RV Kit

The Ququq Kitchen Box recently became offered in the United States. It’s a kit that involves no piecing together of any individual components to make your current vehicle into an RV camper. According to their website, in addition to a fold-out bed, the all-in-one, no-drill box does not require modification to the vehicle and,

“The kitchen even comes equipped with a 2-burner stove, 20 [liters] of drinking water, a sink, worktop, and storage area and can be used from the word go. What’s more, you can access all the facilities at the same time, and all without the fuss of making any alterations.”

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No price is listed on the Ququq website for any of their products. But, our friends as The Wayward Home did a little investigating of their own and found the products begin at $3,999. It’s a bit pricey, but together with a cooler, food, and access to a bathroom, it provides everything you need for your RV lifestyle experience.

Wayfarer Vans Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kits

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Wayfarer Vans offers turnkey van conversions. In other words, you buy their van outfitted already for vanlife. So, in essence, it’s already an RV. On the flip side, you can also bring a van to them and in as little as a half-day they can outfit it for you with little or no alteration to the actual vehicle. Prices start at $5,196 for the ProMaster City Cargo van.

Overall, if you are considering making the jump to vanlife, RV life, or the nomad life in general, then renting an RV for a long weekend may be a good start. If that offers the taste you had hoped, then one of the conversion kits above may offer a good entry to the traveling lifestyle at a reasonable price. But do your due diligence. Kit quality and accessories vary by manufacturer. Make sure you make your expectations clear upfront so that you are not surprised or let down by the kits down the road.