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Minivans are the perfect vehicles for traveling with the family or carpooling with friends. Minivans aren’t historically the most powerful or stylish vehicles, but they do offer some advantages that are unique to their vehicle class. Purchasing the right new minivan can ensure years of comfort and reliability. Minivans are also the best vehicles to take on long road trips. So which new van is the better buy, the Honda Odyssey or the Kia Carnival?

The 2022 Kia Carnival is a new kind of minivan

The Kia Carnival Kia

The Kia Carnival resents being called a minivan. Instead, Kia considers it a multi-purpose vehicle or “MPV”. The Carnival doesn’t warrant the creation of an entirely new vehicle class, but it is pretty futuristic when it comes to safety features and driver assistance features.

The 2022 Kia Carnival is extremely affordable, starting at $32,100. The interior features one 12.3-inch LCD panel for the infotainment system and another panel for instruments. The second row of seats can include an optional twin rear-screen entertainment system with Apple and Android screen mirroring. There are twin 110-volt power outlets and USB ports in every row.

If the dual hands-free power-sliding rear doors didn’t give it away, its features surely classify the 2022 Kia Carnival as a minivan despite its best efforts to separate itself from competitors. Its 3.5-liter V6 engine makes 290 horsepower. Some of its best features are reserved for the $47,275 Kia Carnival SX Prestige trim, but overall the Carnival is a comfortable, peppy minivan with lots of tech features.

The 2022 Honda Odyssey was designed for families

The 2022 Honda Odyssey starts at $32,290. Its 3.5-liter V6 makes 280 horsepower. The base model includes several safety features like a road departure warning system, a rearview camera with multiple angles, and intelligent traction control with a snow mode.

According to Car and Driver, the 2022 Honda Odyssey is the best-driving minivan. It provides a comfortable, smooth ride. The Odyssey handles well and has enough acceleration to be enjoyable for a minivan. It has an 8-inch infotainment system and optional 10.2-inch rear entertainment system, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, WiFI hotspot, and multi-row USB port options. Front and rear parking sensors and hands-free trunk access are also available.

The Honda Odyssey has gained a reputation for being one of the most consistent great family minivans. The second row of seats is completely adjustable, and the middle seat can even be removed. The 2022 Honda Odyssey recognizes and addresses many issues that consumers have with the conventional minivan, such as seating and keeping children constantly engaged and protected. It also makes life easier on minivan owners with features like Rear Seat Reminder, a feature that could save you many trips back and forth between the van and your residence.

Kia carnival Vs. Honda Odyssey

A gray Honda Odyssey.
The Honda Odyssey | Honda

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The Honda Odyssey is a great family minivan. It offers many standard safety features and provides a great driving experience. The Odyssey’s trim levels offer additional features that vastly improve its cabin and make the vehicle convenient and entertaining for the kids.

The Kia Carnival beats the Honda Odyssey because it has the better tech. The Honda Odyssey may drive better, but when it comes to entertaining the family or friends, two screens are much better than one. The Carnival’s infotainment system is also larger. The Honda Odyssey hasn’t gone through huge changes between model years recently, but the Kia Carnival is a huge style and tech upgrade from the Kia Sedona. The Kia Carnival wins the war against the Honda Odyssey because it is attempting to reinvent the way consumers see minivans.