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You need this. If you’re into watercraft you definitely need this. Heck, we all need a V8-powered jet ski! Enter the Strand Craft V8 Daytona GT; a grand name for a crazy jet ski. Strand Craft calls it a “wet rod” but this is like a Ferrari F40 in a sea of Subarus, no pun intended.

You can buy one of these V8-powered jet skis

Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski overhead shot
Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski | SC

Strand Craft is yacht builder Kurt Strand’s company, and this is his latest product. Yes, you can buy one of these brutes, though details are limited at the moment. Strand says this is the first V8-powered watercraft. Ever. Who are we to argue?

“Beautiful, powerful, and luxurious. These three adjectives inspired my design for a new watercraft concept,” Strand says in a statement. “I wanted to create a model that marries power and speed to the grace and elegance of Strand Craft’s design heritage.” Hey, we’re all in.

This is almost more like a “jet yacht” than a jet ski

Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski side view
Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski | SC

As you would expect, this is quite large for a jet ski. You could almost call it a “ski yacht.” It’s 17-feet long, five feet wide, and weighs 1,250 lbs. That’s a lot of heft to be slinging around the water. But with that much grunt, it should be able to power out of anything limited by its heft.

The wet rod’s V8 is a 6.2-liter supercharged aluminum engine of unknown origin at this time. Strand Craft is being quiet about its top speed. The same goes for the price, which we expect isn’t going to be within the realm of most watercraft. 

Of course the Daytona GT jet ski comes with a premium sound system

Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski on the beach
Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski | SC

Monitoring the engine functions is with a 15-inch touch screen. And what would the ultimate jet ski be without some great tunes? A premium sound system can blare your favorite action music to add extra drama to your water frolicking

There’s room for storage, too. A cool box can be found under the seat. There is also extra storage room forward, for gear or whatever you take with you playing in the ocean blue. 

You want options?

Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski close up shot
Strand Craft Daytona GT V8-powered jet ski | SC

But that’s not all. On this plain, there need to be options for those special customers needing more than the ultimate. A carbon-fiber body is one such option. You can also order your Daytona GT with wood inlays. 

Everything from an underwater camera to shock-absorbing seats can be added to your own wet rod. And getting it to and from the water you’ll need the custom trailer you can also purchase from Strand Craft. 

Blasting around with this jet ski would be quite a unique experience whether you’re a seasoned rider or not. Maneuvering this hulk on top of the water wouldn’t be like skating around a traditional jet ski, but that’s not the point of a creation like this.


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