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The Toyota Tacoma is nothing new. In fact, it is basically the opposite of new; it’s been woefully outdated for quite some time. However, struggling to find a used Toyota Tacoma to buy is new. As we continue to suffer through the chip shortage, trucks are among the hardest new cars to buy, making the used pickup trucks in extremely high demand. But maybe there is a market that truck buyers haven’t considered? If you want to buy a used Toyota Tacoma, look no further than these badass Tacoma overlanding camper trucks. 

A 2015 Toyota Tacoma driving through the wilderness, a used Toyota Tacoma is one of the best bases for and overland camper trucks
2015 Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

Having a hard time finding a used Toyota Tacoma to buy? Check this out

The folks at Expedition Portal are always coming up with incredible campers and overlanding trucks for sale. Their network is strong, and as a result, we have found several killer-used Tacoma overlanding campers for sale. 

The first is this 2016 Toyota Tacoma overlanding camper that should make any Tacoma fan happy. Its current owner fitted it with front and rear Radflow suspension, Total Chaos upper control arms and welded spindle gussets, and Deaver rear leaf packs. 

The bed has been set up with an EarthCruiser camper shell. This unit is a single-piece composite hard-side camper shell ready for anything.

Although this truck might feel a little over the top for a daily, it does fit in a standard 8-ft garage, according to its owner, who has listed it for sale at $62,000. Photos and seller description here.

This 2019 used Toyota Tacoma TRD camper is way too cool

If you are looking for a bargain, this one might be it. It isn’t cheap, but its $70,000 asking price seems reasonable considering the amount of work that went into it. 

Not only does this used Toyota Tacoma only have 43,000 miles on the odometer, but it is also built to hell and back. The seller added Old Man Emu BP51 coil overs, rear remote reservoir shocks, CBI armor, and Victron and Blue Sea electronics, just to name a few. 

One of the coolest parts of this used Toyota Tacoma is the pop-up camper shell and awning. This unit is so beautifully ready to roll that $70,000 feels decent considering what all you get. This used Tacoma also just got a fresh set of BF Goodrich KM3s and Dickinson Newport P9000 propane fireplace. Pictures and seller description here.

This minimalist used Tacoma build is the bargain of the day

2015 Toyota Tacoma rips through the desert
Toyota Tacoma | Toyota

Not only is this 2017 Toyota Tacoma the cheapest of the lot at $50,000, but it’s also the most user-friendly for day-to-day life. The 2017 Tacoma is probably the least comfortable for camping but the most capable off-road

Aside from the modular camper shell in the bed and some light suspension work, this truck may not be stock, but it seems much more approachable than the others. 

In the words of the seller/builder, “The truck was built to be comfortable during extended road trips while still handling remote off-road travel. The truck has been off-road a fair amount but has zero body damage outside of a few paint chips. Armor powder coat is near perfect; sliders could use a touch-up.” 

Everything about this truck should appeal to most Tacoma customers with any leanings toward adventure travel and the outdoors. 

Are there any cheap used Toyota Tacomas out there? 

Not really. The market has just gone very lopsided toward the sellers. However, while these options may not be cheap, they are incredibly cool, and most importantly, available. So if you are struggling to find a used Tacoma, remember to check the enthusiasts; they are always up to something. 


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