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Although electric vehicles (EVs) are enjoying rising popularity and more diversity in the auto industry, Tesla is still one of the most talked-about marques in the business. In fact, Tesla’s battery electric vehicles (BEVs) dominated the list of the most popular used EVs in the United States for 2022, starting with the cheaper Tesla Model 3 and Y. Moreover, the Model 3 took the number one spot in 2021 as well. Here’s the lineup of used Tesla models in order of popularity. 

  • Model 3
  • Model Y
  • Model S
  • Model X

Unsurprisingly, the Tesla Model 3 is the most popular Tesla on the market. Given its comparatively accessible starting price, the Model 3 is a much easier sell than its more expensive siblings like the Model S. However, it’s also the most popular used EV in the United States. 

According to iSeeCars, the Model 3 topped the list of the most popular used EVs in the country, despite its relative youth compared to BEVs like the Model S and Nissan LEAF. The baby Tesla’s figures accounted for 0.4% of total used car sales in the United States for 2022. While that might not sound like much, it represents an increasingly popular used EV market.

The Tesla Model 3 is popular due to its accessibility in the marque’s lineup. It certainly isn’t as affordable as a Nissan LEAF, but the Model 3 has much of the same styling and lifestyle appeal as more tenured models for less money. 

For instance, Kelley Blue Book (KBB) says that a 2020 Model 3 Standard Range with average mileage has a private party value of around $35,909. Of course, potential owners who want the Long Range or Performance trims and their AWD platforms will have to spend more. Moreover, the baby Tesla’s safety scores leave little to be desired, with a Top Safety Pick+ rating from the IIHS. In fact, the entry-level Tesla model isn’t new to the top of the popular crowd in 2022; iSeeCars says it took the top spot in 2021 as well.      

The Tesla Model Y is the second most inexpensive EV in the marque’s lineup, so it tends to sell better than the more premium models. Moreover, the Model Y offers around 10 extra cubic feet of cargo capacity over the Model 3, and seating for up to seven people. 

A 2022 Tesla Model Y used its bright blue paint to contrast with the sand in the bright desert.
Model Y | Tesla

Additionally, the Tesla Model Y earned the second spot on iSeeCars’ list of the most popular used EVs, just behind the smaller Model 3. That’s a substantial improvement over the ninth-place ranking the vehicle held in 2021. 

To complete the electric automaker’s dominance of the most popular list, the Model S and Model X earned the third and fourth spots, respectively. The S rose from the fourth most popular EV position to the third spot. Furthermore, the Model X moved up one place from fifth to the fourth position for 2022. All four EVs defeated the cheaper Nissan LEAF, which snagged fifth place. 

Given the impact of Tesla on the reputation and social acceptance of EVs, it makes sense that potential owners want them. After all, Tesla stans are themselves a car subculture. However, with the industry shift toward electrification, the automaker will endure much more competition from major manufacturers and boutique builders. 

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