Used Honda Ridgeline Years to Avoid: What You Need to Know Before Buying

There’s no denying it. The Honda Ridgeline makes for a popular used truck. For good reason – the unibody truck has a solid reputation for reliability. According to iSeeCars, it can last for a pretty long time too. But, as great as the used Honda Ridgeline is, if you’re in the market for the best used truck these are the used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid.

How many miles will a Honda Ridgeline last?

A red 2020 Honda Ridgeline parked by the water
2020 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

ON average, more Honda Ridgeline make it past 200,000 miles than other pickup trucks. So it turns out this unibody truck can last for a pretty long time. 

In fact, after analyzing 11.8 million cars sold in 2020 to find out which models last the longest, iSeeCars determined that 3.4% of Ridgeline models sold in 2020 successfully reached the 200,000-mile mark. Compared to a 1.9% average for all pickup trucks, that’s pretty impressive. 

As for how the Ridgeline can last for so long? “Pickup trucks often serve as work vehicles, and are likely to accrue more miles than a typical passenger car while commonly benefitting from more consistent preventative maintenance and necessary repairs,” explained iSeeCars.

Is the Honda Ridgeline a reliable used truck?

While how many miles a Honda Ridgeline can last is certainly important, if you’re shopping for a used truck, chances are you’re in the market for a reliable used truck. The good news is that the Ridgeline is a highly reliable used truck. In fact, more often than not, Consumer Reports has given this unibody truck a four out of five reliability rating.

Consumer Reports isn’t the only one to give the used Ridgeline such high marks either. J.D. Power has also given the Honda Ridgeline a Great quality and reliability rating several times. RepairPal gave the Ridgeline an Above Average reliability rating too, adding that it has lower than average ownership costs. As for which used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid? Let’s get into it.

Used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid

A 2018 Honda Ridgeline parked in the wilderness, the 2018 is a used Honda Ridgeline year to avoid
2018 Honda Ridgeline | Honda

The Cheapest Trucks to Maintain According to Consumer Reports

Sure, the Ridgeline is a reliable used truck. That being said, there are a select few used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid. Take, for example, both the 2017 and the 2018 Honda Ridgeline. Consumer Reports gave both models a three out of five reliability rating. While that’s not the worst rating the organization could have given the Ridgeline, it’s certainly not the best. 

Consumer Reports doesn’t recommend either model, either. In fact, when it comes to the 2018 Honda Ridgeline, Consumer Reports’ data shows that this used Ridgeline has several problems to contend with. The most common used 2018 Honda Ridgeline problems include transmission issues, fuel system problems, and issues with the truck’s brakes and power equipment.

The 2017 and 2018 models aren’t the only used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid either.  The 2006 Ridgeline has the most overall complaints, according to The most common complaints include issues with the used truck’s engine, interior accessories, and body paint. Several owners also lodged complaints related to the unibody truck’s seatbelts and airbags.

Should you avoid buying a used Honda Ridgeline?

While there are several used Honda Ridgeline years to avoid, that doesn’t mean you should avoid this used truck altogether. In fact, there are several reliable Honda Ridgeline model years to choose from.