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Shopping for a pre-owned Jeep Grand Cherokee? Jeep’s longtime family-favorite SUV has much to offer, between its spacious cabin and its off-road abilities. But it’s impossible to find any perfect used SUV, let alone a Grand Cherokee. Used Grand Cherokee shoppers should keep a sharp eye out for some common repair problems.  

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee have reliability problems?

A black 2020 Grand Cherokee sits on pavement with gray skies overhead.
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Jeep, Stallantis

Just like all vehicles – even the most reliable SUVs – the Jeep Grand Cherokee occasionally encounters problems. RepairPal rates the midsize SUV’s reliability at 3.5 out of five stars. That’s considered above-average reliability compared to the rest of the automotive industry. Still, there are some common problems to keep in mind. 

1. Climate control issues plague used Grand Cherokee SUVs

Rear view of a silver 2020 Grand Cherokee driving through the desert. Drivers must watch out for common used Grand Cherokee problems.
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Jeep, Stellantis

RepairPal says Jeep Grand Cherokee SUVs are prone to AC and climate control problems. Specifically, the site points to hundreds of reports of the failing temperature blend/recirculation doors. When this happens, the Grand Cherokee climate control can become stuck on a single setting and won’t change with passenger inputs. It costs about $100 to fix. Be sure to test the AC controls on any used Grand Cherokee you test drive. 

2. Remote keyless start failure a risk for midsize Jeep

RepairPal says that Jeep Grand Cherokees are at risk of having their wireless control modules (WCM) fail. The WCM allows drivers to start the engine by having the key fob nearby. Once the WCM fails, a manual start is required. Fixing the issue costs only about $100. 

3. Power window motor failure among used Grand Cherokee problems

Grand Cherokee models up until 2010 tended to have their power window motors fail. According to RepairPal, the fix may require replacing the entire power window regulator assembly. The repair estimate is around $350-$500, so check all the power windows in any pre-owned Grand Cherokee. 

4.Tail Light electrical problems cause confusion

According to RepairPal, Grand Cherokee tail light wiring tends to break apart, melt, or otherwise corrode. This can confuse anyone who replaces a light bulb and sees that the tail lamps still don’t work. Test the tail lights on any used Grand Cherokee. If they don’t work, be sure to have the complete assemblies inspected.  

5. Failed engine thermostat a common repair

A failed thermostat can cause the Grand Cherokee’s engine to run at suboptimal temperatures. Over time, this can cause damage to other components. A Grand Cherokee with a bad thermostat will display a check engine code on the dashboard – be sure to check there while shopping.

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee expensive to maintain?

A black 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee in front of a sunset with a tent in the background.
2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Jeep, Stellantis

These are just a few known problems associated with used Grand Cherokee SUVs. Put it all together, the Grand Cherokee has an average yearly maintenance and repairs cost slightly above the industry average. According to RepairPal, the Grand Cherokee repairs and maintenance cost on average $666 per year– a little above the industry average of $573 for midsize SUVs. 

It’s something to remember if you’re on the market for a used Grand Cherokee. Upkeep costs are far from excessive, but you may spend more than some other pre-owned SUV options.