A Used 2014 Toyota Corolla Will Give You More Room Than Older Models

Buying a used car can save you thousands in avoiding depreciation alone, making it the only option for anyone on a tight budget. But the used car market is usually flooded with worthy vehicle contenders, like the Toyota Corolla, across a variety of model years, making it harder to narrow down the selection.

A popular used car choice is the Toyota Corolla. Overall, the Corolla tends to be a reliable car that won’t translate to constant repairs or problems. Of course, that also depends on the condition of the Corolla you actually buy and the model year in question. The 2020 model features redesigns that may be appealing. But those sleek lines also compromise interior room and passenger space. If interior comfort matters to you in your used car search, the 2014 Toyota Corolla will likely be your best bet.

The 2014 Toyota Corolla got a little roomier

In 2014, the popular Toyota Corolla saw a redesign that added size to this four-door sedan. According to Cars.com, the Corolla grew almost four additional inches in its wheelbase to 106.3 inches. That kind of size increase may not seem like much at first. However, it translates to over five inches of interior legroom in the back seat. The 2014 Corolla feels more spacious inside, making it more comfortable for adults and more convenient for children’s car seats.

Did the extra room and size compromise fuel efficiency?

Consumers tend to choose the Toyota Corolla for its competitive fuel efficiency. You might be wondering if the increased size of the 2014 model Corolla meant compromising in the miles-per-gallon department. But some sources, including Consumer Reports, say this popular sedan continued to achieve 32 mpg overall ratings, suggesting the added length won’t affect things at the gas pump.

More reasons to buy a used 2014 Toyota Corolla

Consumer Reports gives the 2014 Toyota Corolla five out of a possible five rating in several key areas, including reliability and fuel economy. It’s a CR-recommended model year and scores well in safety and crash tests too. Used car shoppers will really like the average price range of the Corolla, as well. While models will vary depending on actual mileage and conditions, you can buy a 2014 Corolla today for around $9,375 to $10,325, according to Consumer Reports.

Buying used is just a savvy move


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If you can forgo that indistinguishable new car smell, you’ll likely be saving a ton of green by buying a used Toyota Corolla. In addition to the cost savings you’ll see in the initial purchase price, you can expect other perks with buying used, too. Many find cheaper insurance rates with used models. Even with a loan, you’ll still save hundreds or more in saved interest in a shorter term. 

Buying any used car within a three-year-old window means you might still have manufacturer warranty coverage or certified pre-owned guarantees, which is almost like buying new. Even for those models falling outside of traditional warranties, there are tools to ensure you’re buying a great car. For example, you can view title and vehicle ownership history to avoid damaged rides or problematic models.

If buying a used car is on your to-do list this spring, keep an eye out for the 2014 Toyota Corolla. Any car you end up with will likely be a smart choice. But the 2014 Corolla will offer substantial value, great predicted reliability, and a whole lot of legroom that you won’t find on other model years.