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Rivian just earned some major brownie points after a Texas doctor used an R1T electric pickup truck to complete a surgical procedure. This isn’t something you’ll see in a commercial (but maybe it ought to be). The R1T electric pickup is known for its quickness, power, and off-road capabilities. Its recent accomplishment is the oddest tale added to its lore thus far.

A doctor just completed the world’s first Rivian R1T-powered operation

A Canyon Red Rivian R1T Launch Edition is parked.
The 2022 Rivian R1T Launch Edition in Canyon Red | Charles Singh, MotorBiscuit

Electric vehicles have unique capabilities thanks to their complex powertrain systems. Instead of gas engines, EVs drive power to wheels almost instantaneously using electric motors and a battery. The more electric motors, the more power. The R1T is one of the few EVs on the market that uses a quad-motor powertrain system.

One of the many benefits of an electric powertrain system is the power the vehicle can export. Ford has done well advertising the F-150 Lightning’s capabilities by demonstrating many different ways that this power can be used. The Ford F-150 Lightning can power multiple appliances and electronic devices simultaneously including blenders, electric grills, amps, and more.

Apparently, the F-150 Lightning isn’t the only truck that can provide power in a pinch. After all, many new electric trucks are essentially mobile backup generators. Doctor Christopher Yang, a urologist from Austin, Texas decided to use his R1T electric truck as a backup generator when the power went out at his clinic.

Yang used the R1T’s power supply to save his patient from wasting a day of paid time off. The patient agreed to allow Dr. Yang to use his truck to power a vasectomy. The doc’s truck powered surgical tools and a small fan throughout the procedure. The world’s first Rivian-powered vasectomy is shocking (no pun intended) but why own an EV if you can’t use it as a power source every now and then?

The Rivian R1T has plenty of tricks up its sleeve

Rivian’s electric pickup truck is pricey, especially since the automaker axed its entry-level Explore trim. Its high price is justified when you take the EV’s capabilities into consideration.

The R1T has 14.9 inches of ground clearance. That much ground clearance allows it to easily clear plenty of off-road obstacles. The electric truck was designed to take on extreme challenges. It made quick work of the Hell’s Gate obstacle on the Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, Utah.

The R1T Launch Edition can go from 0-60 miles per hour in about 3.0 seconds. It’s about as quick as a Lamborghini Urus, if not slightly quicker. The Rivian R1T is a performance off-road truck that pushes the envelope in ways consumers didn’t think electric vehicles could.

How much does the Rivian R1T cost?

Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks | Rivian

Rivian R1T and R1S Offer a Rainbow of Beautiful Color Options

The Rivian R1T starts at $73,000 now that the automaker is getting rid of the Explore trim option. The R1T Launch Edition costs $85,000. It has between 260 and 314 miles of driving range depending on which trim you choose. The R1T has a max horsepower of 835 horses. It can produce up to 908 lb-ft of torque. The Rivian R1T is a true automotive marvel. What will it accomplish next?

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