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If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might have noticed there’s a bit of a controversy going on over at UPS. Apparently, UPS delivery trucks lack a crucial feature for hot weather, air conditioning. This issue has been around for years. And, it sounds like the company has no plans to add A/C to its fleet. For delivery drivers, that can make working uncomfortable or even dangerous. 

Why don’t UPS trucks have air conditioning?

While the lack of air conditioning has not been confirmed by UPS, drivers have reported that their trucks do not have A/C. According to the Daily Dot, the reason for this might be practical. But, it also might be a cost-savings measure. 

Another company that also lacks A/C in its vehicles is the United States Postal Service with the Grumman LLV. But, that should be changing with the introduction of the Oshkosh NGDV, which will have more modern features. 

What brand of truck does UPS use?

UPS actually employs a variety of different trucks in order to make deliveries. The bodies are constructed by Morgan Olson, Union City Body, and Utilimaster. In the past, the company has also used vehicles from Ford and General Motors. In some cases, the Ram ProMaster is also used. 

A brown UPS delivery truck sits in a parking lot.
UPS delivery truck | Universal Images Group via Getty Images

If you are interested in buying an old UPS delivery truck, the answer might disappoint you. UPS makes it pretty much impossible to buy one of its old vehicles. Seeing what folks have done with FedEx trucks, it would be cool if UPS changed that. Because a camper van built from a delivery vehicle is a pretty neat thing. 

Does UPS use EVs?

In some areas, this delivery company has been testing out the use of EVs. Known as the eQuad, this vehicle is small and helps workers deliver packages in crowded cities. The fleet of eQuads is being tested in New York City. And that makes sense, considering how much traffic there is there. 

If the eQuad proves itself successful, it will likely be seen in other cities in the United States. But, due to its compact size, it is not ideal for use in rural areas. Other delivery services are beginning to add EVs to their fleets. The USPS recently increased its order of EV mail trucks. And that will help to make the agency more efficient. 

Will UPS trucks get A/C?

Per a statement also made to the Daily Dot, a UPS spokesperson said air conditioning in its trucks would be “ineffective.” This is because the delivery vehicles make frequent stops, and drivers are constantly entering and exiting the truck. 

A UPS delivery truck is delivering some Amazon packages.
UPS Truck | Smith Collection via Getty Images

So, for now, it seems like these trucks won’t be upgraded to have an A/C system. It is possible that this could change in the future. There look to be some petitions circulating online in order to add the feature to UPS trucks. But ultimately, it is unclear how effective things like that will be.


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