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We may have cracked the case. We’ve been investigating why Ford trademarked the name Warthog for a while, and it could be to create the Ford Bronco Warthog, which would be the new electric variant. 

The Ford Bronco Warthog could be coming 

The two-door Ford Bronco, four-door Ford Bronco, and Ford Bronco Sport
2021 Ford Bronco Models | Ford

We’ve seen the Ford Ranger Raptor roll out, and the Ford Bronco could be next to get the Raptor name. But where does that leave the new Warthog title? Well, according to Autoblog, we could see the Ford Bronco Warthog soon. 

It’s no secret that Ford is going electric. It suggests that 40 percent of all vehicles sold will be all-electric by 2030. So, Ford better get started on making a few new electric vehicles to meet that deadline. The Ford Bronco and Explorer could be two options that make the list. 

What to expect with the Bronco Warthog 

We don’t have much to go on aside from speculation right now. However, Mike Levine, Ford North American Product Communications Manager, tweeted a series of photos depicting the outlines of upcoming EVs. 

One of the images could be the outline for the Ford Bronco Warthog. The blue outline is in the shape of a boxy, rugged SUV, like the Bronco. The outline even includes a tire on the tailgate, which is a Bronco feature. 

The photos included the outline of a truck and van as well. Ford already announced the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning, and we know that the E-Transit is on the way, so those images weren’t as surprising. 

Instead of going electric, the Ford Bronco Raptor is expected to be a high-powered variant with increased off-roading capabilities. Like other Raptor variants, it should have a wider stance, higher ground clearance, and say ‘FORD’ across the grille. 

The Ford Bronco Raptor is expected to have an upgraded suspension and a few extra tech goodies for off-roading. However, we’re still waiting to learn more. 

What about the Ford Explorer Warthog? 

A blue 2021 Ford Explorer SUV is on display during the 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition
The 2021 Ford Explorer | Getty Images

Is the Ford Bronco Warthog Going Full Dune Buggy?

Along with the Ford Bronco Warthog, the Ford Explorer Warthog is also expected to enter the EV scene. Mike Levine confirmed that Ford plans to fully electrify the Explorer as part of the 40 percent fully electric lineup by 2030. 

Plus, the Explorer is popular. Ford sells about 200,000 Explorers each year, so providing an electric variant could boost overall EV volume. Three-row crossovers are currently growing in popularity too. This means that Ford could offer this model to compete against more expensive options. 

But we don’t have much to go on, and we aren’t sure if the Bronco will have a hybrid variant before the electric model arrives. The F-150 PowerBoost hybrid came out before the electric Lightning did. But perhaps the Bronco will jump straight to an electric model. 

The 2021 Ford Explorer Hybrid is pretty powerful. It combines a V6 engine with a hybrid system to provide 318 hp and upwards of an EPA-estimated 28 mpg combined. But the Toyota Highlander Hybrid delivers up to 35 mpg. 

The Ford Explorer Warthog will hopefully provide a little extra muscle and a range of over 300 miles. However, we will have to wait to learn more. The Ford Bronco Warthog and Explorer are expected to be revealed soon.