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Tired of waiting on the 2021 Ford Bronco? Well, maybe you could get the folks at Sweet Brother Restomods to build a 1979 four-door Ford Bronco like this. In case you’re worried that this isn’t exactly the same thing as a new Bronco, you’d be correct, but not in the way you think. This Bronco is more than meets the eye – about $200,000 more, to be exact. 

Restomod 1979 Ford Bronco in red with all Ford Raptor parts
1979 Ford Bronco / Ford Raptor

This thing is one part Ford Bronco and one part Ford Raptor

Beneath all that ‘70s sheet metal beats a heart of thunder, a 2011 Ford Raptor 6.2-liter V8 with some extra beef. The original 411 hp was ramped up to 590 hp and torque by slapping on a Roush stage II supercharger. This shocking restomod was done by the folks at Sweet Brothers Restomod

It is barely fair to keep calling this beast a Bronco. At this point, it’s more Ford Raptor than man (Bronco) now. Aside from cheesy ‘80s references, this restomod Bronco has little to do with its original time period. It is essentially a 2011 Ford Raptor wrapped in 1979 Ford Bronco bodywork. 

What is going on here? 

The Drive reports the Sweet Brothers spent a year and a half making this transformation a reality. This Bronco gives its driver the best of both worlds; modern off-road performance and the classic beauty of a vintage truck. 

Yes, this has the power trains and transmission from a 2011 Ford Raptor, but that alone wouldn’t be all that special. That version might be more tasteful, but that is not what they did. This Bronco/Raptor is literally a Raptor in every way other than the body. 

The interior is 100 percent Raptor down to even the door latches. The seats, starring wheels, dash, and nearly anything else you could spot in the cab, comes from the Ford Raptor.

Restomod 1979 Ford Bronco in red with all Ford Raptor interior
1979 Ford Bronco / Ford Raptor

It is a bit of a head trip, actually. Walking up to an old boxy truck expecting to see the paint matching vinyl interior and seeing a Ford Raptor cab might wig people out. 

According to The Drive, the builders cut the body of a ‘79 Bronco in half and used the B pillars from a ‘79 Crew Cab and added four inches to each door’s width.

The result is a massive second row that gives passengers Rolls Royce-like legroom. The Drive Mentions that the Bronco/Raptor doesn’t have the front-facing trail cam but does have a modern backup cam. It also can still tow the same weight that the Raptor can. 

Is this Bronco / Raptor available? 

Almost. Sweet Brothers Restomod have spent the last few years building different examples of this type of restomod as a show of force.

You may remember the vintage Ford pickup that they did the same type of Raptor swap. The brothers are gearing up to start selling some of their creations soon. This Ford Raptor / Ford Bronco mashup will be offered to the public for a modest $200,000. 

That is clearly a massive amount of money, but compared to the 2021 Ram TRX or 2021 Ford Raptor, which you can easily spend $100k, this thing is a strong competitor. It may not have more power than the Ram TRX, but it looks about 10,000x cooler and is infinitely more special and unique.


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