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There are several options on the market for people who want luxury SUVs. However, like every other vehicle genre, some well-known luxury SUVs have surprisingly low-reliability ratings. Investing in these deficient SUVs could lead to major headaches. Here are three 2023 luxury SUVs that are far less trusted than their closest rivals.  

2023 Range Rover is an untrustworthy luxury SUV

Range Rover from the passenger side
Range Rover | Land Rover Range Rover

Many people already know that the reputation of the Range Rover has never been the most positive. Unfortunately, the same holds for the 2023 Range Rover, as it has relatively disappointing predicted reliability ratings. In fact, RepairPal gives the full-size SUV a two out of five rating, making it the 15th vehicle out of 19 for its class. Not only is this below average, but it has what the website considers poor ownership costs. 

Though not specific to the 2023 Range Rover, the SUV has a reputation for various suspension problems. Despite the comparatively low-reliability scores, the 2023 Range Rover is a pretty popular SUV. The entry-level trim is a 3.0-liter mild hybrid inline-six. It has a maximum output of 395 hp. This is also a reasonably fast SUV, which is one reason it’s so popular, along with its off-roading capabilities. 

2023 Land Rover Discovery is not the best luxury SUV

2023 Land Rover Discovery towing
2023 Land Rover Discovery | Land Rover Range Rover

Another 2023 Luxury SUV that’s less than reliable is the Land Rover Discovery. Like the Range Rover, the Discovery SUV doesn’t have an overall great reputation. Unfortunately, the latest model’s predicted reliability scores indicate it will be less reliable than other new SUVs. Though still early in its run, there are already reports of transmission problems in the 2023 Land Rover Discovery. Shifting delays and either grinding or jumping during acceleration are common transmission problems in this SUV.

Regardless of the issues, there is much to like about the 2023 Discovery SUV. It comes standard with a turbocharged 296 hp 2.0-liter inline-four engine. This luxury SUV is four-wheel drive and uses an eight-speed shiftable automatic transmission. It accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in about 6.9 seconds.

Mercedes Benz GLS

2023 Luxury SUVs. The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS in white
2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS | Mercedes

 The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS is another luxury SUV with not the best reliability ratings. Despite coming from such a prestigious automaker, the GLS has a predicted reliability rating of only 75 out of 100. Because of this, it’s believed that the SUV will be less reliable than its competitors. Previous models of the GLS have reports of sudden power loss, electrical problems, and issues with power steering.

The 2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS comes in two main trims- the 450 and the 580. The 480 has a 3.0-liter turbocharged mild hybrid with a maximum output of 362. The other produces 483 horsepower, and both are all-wheel drive. People love this luxury SUV because it’s pretty fast and powerful.

Of course, some people may have positive experiences with these 2023 luxury SUVs. However, more than other luxury options, they’re likely to cause extra stress due to mechanical issues. These cars may not be as bad as some horror stories, but it may be wise to look elsewhere for a new or used luxury SUV.

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