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Modifying a new Tesla Model 3 might not be on everyone’s agenda, but that hasn’t stopped companies from offering the service. The shop offers performance and exterior upgrades for the Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S.

Modifying a Tesla Model 3

You can now modify your Tesla Model 3
Unplugged Performance can modify your Tesla Model 3 | Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Unplugged Performance shared to their social media audience last week that after right years in the business, Tesla officially authorized the company for service and body repair.

“Our technicians have completed Tesla’s official training, we have received Tesla’s access to vehicle diagnostic equipment, proprietary Tesla repair tools, and direct replacement parts access.” 

Unplugged Performance | Instagram

Back in 2013, Unplugged Performance opened in Hawthorne, California, next to the Tesla Design Center. At this time, the company took delivery of a Tesla Model S and got to work. By July 2014, the Unplugged Performance Tesla Model S was ready.

The company has continued to grow and expand to the other Tesla models. More performance and exterior upgrades will likely be available soon now that the company has more access to Tesla-branded knowledge and tools.

What does Unplugged Performance offer?

Unplugged Performance will modify your Model 3, Model Y, Model X, and Model S. Some of the performance upgrades include lowering springs ($365-$420), stainless steel brake lines ($200), and performance brake pads ($275-$570). There are a few varieties of brake pad options for competitive drivers and the non-performance version.

Additionally, some Brembo brake kits are available. Rear traction arms and pro race coilovers are also listed. Rear toe arm and camber arm sets will run you $399. There is also a full autocross package with adjustable shocks and a rear sway bar for around $2,300.

For exterior aerodynamics, a front lip spoiler ($695-$995), front fascia ($1,995-$2,795), and side skirt set ($1,595-$2,795) are available for purchase. The Unplugged Ascension-R carbon fiber rear wing will cost you $1,995-$2,990). For $4,995, you can get dry carbon fiber hybrid front and rear doors.

Other items include four or six-point racing harnesses, bucket seats, and ultra-light Lexan glass.

What is a Tesla Model 3 S-APEX performance upgrade?

While this type of project won’t be for every Tesla driver, it is becoming more popular. The company is currently working on adding more items to the product catalog. As that happens, drivers will be able to modify more on each Tesla model.

By being authorized by Tesla, UP can now use Tesla tools and replacement parts. Diagnostic issues and direct training from Tesla can also help make this the first of many Tesla tuner shops.

In 2020, Elon Musk went on the Joe Rogan Podcast and gave the go-ahead to modifying Teslas. The pair was specifically discussing the S-Apex from UP when Rogan asked about modifying Tesla vehicles. “Sounds good to me, sure,” Musk said when asked.

The S-APEX makes the Model S lighter with a 19-piece carbon fiber body, racing suspension, carbon-ceramic brakes, and ultra-light wheels. The package costs anywhere from $29,995-$39,995.


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