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Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki … There are many well-known motorcycle brands out there. Sometimes it’s more fun to look at the ones we’ve never seen before. You know, the under-the-radar bikes that make you scratch your head when you see them. Have you heard of the following obscure motorcycle brands?


The point of a Buell motorcycle is to look different. Created by Erik Buell in 1983, Buell Motorcycle Company was bought out by Harley-Davidson in 1998. Since then, we’ve stopped seeing Buells.

The company was ahead of its time. Their bikes were performance-focused with a lightweight chassis and a Harley engine thrown in for power. The Buell M2 Cyclone is still a fan favorite, with a comfortable yet powerful ride. Buell bikes are exciting to spot in the wild, because they are so rare.

Moto Morini

Let’s start with the Italians. Moto Morini was founded in 1937 with the goal of creating bikes worthy of a racetrack but suited for everyday roads. The craftsmanship of Moto Morini bikes should not be ignored. The look of their Milano is out of this world, and its performance is outstanding for something so under-the-radar.

Boss Hoss

Bigger is always better, right? Boss Hoss certainly thinks so. Whether they’re your style or not, their bikes will make heads turn. Since 1990, Boss Hoss has produced motorcycles and trikes equipped with V8 engines. Easily some of the most powerful bikes in the world, their standard motorcycle is a favorite among muscle car lovers.


Since 1898, the U.K.’s Norton Motorcycles has kept things classic. While they began as a manufacturer for bike parts, they’ve since grown into a niche motorcycle lover’s dream company. Norton draws design inspiration from the past while keeping tech up-to-date. Norton bikes, like the Dominator, screams craftsmanship, while somehow still looking fast.

MV Agusta

We can’t argue with the company’s description of “Motorcycle Art.” MV Agusta has created their art since 1945. The Italian company started out producing small racing bikes, but when those smaller styles lost popularity, they upped the ante and began making larger bikes in limited quantities. After racing, MV Agusta began to prioritize street-worthy bikes with big power and unique looks. Thank God for the Italians and their creativity.


While popular overseas, Triumph motorcycles aren’t spotted often in the U.S. This is too bad, because these are fun bikes. Founded in 1984, Triumph has made their bikes more and more unique. Their line offers everything from classic styles like the Bonneville Bobber to off-road bikes like the Tiger. It’s refreshing to see a motorcycle company go for it with a little bit of everything.