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The Ferrari F60 America is unveiled at Ferrari Celebrates 60 Years

An Ultra-Rare Ferrari F60 America is Up for Auction

The 2016 Ferrari F60 America is a one-of-ten ultra-rare production supercar that was designed to mark the 60 year anniversary of Ferrari's presence in the American market, and if you are willing to pay a high auction price, this several-million dollar front-engine Ferrari can be your newest addition to your supercar or Ferrari collection.

RM Sotheby’s is a private sale and auction house for some of the rarest and finest collectors cars from around the world, and the newest addition to the auction block is no exception. This month a rare 2016 Ferrari F60 is up for auction, and it will likely sell for several millions of dollars — not just because it’s a Ferrari, but because this special edition was just one of ten produced, and chances are you may have never seen one in person.

This 2016 Ferrari F60 America is just 1 of 10 ever produced

The Ferrari F60 America is unveiled at Ferrari Celebrates 60 Years
The Ferrari F60 America is unveiled at Ferrari Celebrates 60 Years | Jonathan Leibson, Getty Images, Ferrari North America

The 2016 Ferrari F60 America was built as a celebratory special edition, marking the 60th year of Ferrar’s presence in the American automotive market. It’s notable for its patriotic color scheme, featuring a rare Blu Nart paint with red and white accents throughout the vehicle, including American flags embroidered on the sports seats. Only 10 of this special edition Ferrari F60 were ever produced, and, as you could expect, they were sold exclusively in the US market.

How much will this rare supercar sell for?

Because this 2016 Ferrari F60 America is at auction, only the final bidding price will tell us exactly how much this car will officially sell for. When cars like this go up for auction, they almost always have a reserve price, which is the lowest price that the seller is willing to accept for the sale of the vehicle, but as this reserve price is kept private until the end of the bidding war, this is also not a good way to determine what the Ferrari will sell for. Instead, we can get a general idea based on what the car is valued at, which, according to RM Sotheby’s, is a range from $3,500,000 to $4,500,000 — though depending on interest and how competitive the bidding is, it could potentially sell for higher.

The Ferrari F60 America is more than a piece of history

While this special edition commemorates Ferrari’s presence in the American market, and it is stunningly designed, it is more than just a piece of art and history. This specific one only has 2,105 miles on it, giving the impressive engine low mileage that many collectors will pay top dollars for. Under the hood of this front-engine Ferrari sits a powerful V12 engine that is naturally aspirated (no turbocharger or supercharger) paired with sporty rear-wheel drive. While the vehicle is considered a 2016 model year, it was officially debuted in 2014. At its debut, all 10 Ferraris that were set for production were already purchased.

“One of only 10 examples of the F60 America ever built, this is arguably one of the rarest front-engined Ferrari supercars, a retro-inspired modern-day classic that will continue to be held in high regard by collectors and enthusiasts for years to come.”

RM Sotheby’s Lot 254 Listing

This piece of American Ferrari history is set to hit the auction block on August 13, 2021, and will likely garnish the attention of many Ferrari fans, though only the final hammer price will show how much this car is actually going to bring in at auction.


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