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The Ferrari F40 Berlinetta was introduced in 1988 to celebrate Enzo Ferrari’s 40th anniversary as an automaker. The Ferrari was considered the “ultimate supercar” and was a considerable achievement for the company. Ferrari only made 1,315 units of the F40, making this even more rare than usual. What made this particular supercar ultra-rare? Bonhams has all of the info.

This 1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta is quite the collector’s item

This Ferrari F40 Berlinetta Sold for $2.1 Million
Ferrari F40 Berlinetta sold for $2.1 Million through Bonhams this weekend | Bonhams

Bonhams had the 1989 Ferrari F40 Berlinetta up for auction last week. According to the auction house, this F40 only had one owner. The owner has properly stored the supercar in dry storage since 1992. Chassis number ZFFGJ34B000083620 had only 1,112 miles on the odometer. He ordered the red F40 new from the Garage Francorchamps company back in the 1980s.

According to Bonhams, this Ferrari F40 Berlinetta was the highly desirable non-cat, non-adjust model. With a top speed of 189 mph, the F40 was a quick one. Bonhams says that this was the last Ferrari personally approved by Enzo Ferrari before his passing in 1988.

Ferrari made the F40 after experimenting with the limited 288 GTO. In just 13 months, the automaker used innovative technology to create the engine, chassis, and body of the F40. It was briefly the fastest production car available with 471 hp and a 4.2 second 0 to 60 mph time.

This Ferrari F40 Berlinetta is considered “highly original”

The single-owner ordered the bright red supercar in June of 1989. The purchaser chose wind-up windows over basic sliding windows for practicality, plus air conditioning.

“Totally untouched and totally original, this ultra-low mileage and outstanding Ferrari F40 has hardly seen the light of day in 30 years making this almost certainly unique and fully documented example an incredibly rare find and worthy of the closest inspection.”


The vehicle comes with the original (and only) Belgian registration document. The sale includes insurance documents through 1990 and the Original Certificate of Conformity by Ferrari importer Garage Francorchamps from 1989. Plus, most of the original purchase documents, lease documents, and other miscellaneous papers. With only 1,112 miles on it, this Ferrari F40 was only serviced once through the original dealership.

How does the price of this sale compare?

Ferrari F40 Berlinetta from Bonhams
Ferrari F40 Berlinetta | Bonhams

This Ferrari F40 Berlinetta was part of The Zoute Sale from Bonhams. Many consider this to be one of the last ‘analog’ supercars before things like anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control were commonplace. Giovanni Perfetti said, “Customers had been saying our cars were becoming too plush and comfortable. The F40 is for the most enthusiastic of our owners who want nothing but sheer performance.”

With such low mileage, it isn’t surprising how much the Ferrari went for. CLASSIC.COM offers market values of vehicles like this F40 Berlinetta. The CLASSIC.COM Market Value (CMV) says the price of a 1987 to 1992 Ferrari F40 is around $1.852 million. A 1992 Ferrari F40 with 2,326 miles sold on Aug. 13, 2021 for $2.892. Another 1991 with 2,896 miles sold for $2.425 back on the same day. This vehicle had previously sold through Rm Southeby’s in 2017 for $1.540.

It seems that right now is an excellent time to sell. The prices have been reasonably steady over the last five years but are on an upswing in 2021. $2.1 million is a lot, but not for this ultra-rare supercar.


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